QCAS / Volume 68 / Issue 5-6

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An improved multiple quality characteristic analysis chart for simultaneous monitoring of process mean and variance of steering knuckle pin for green manufacturing 110:Y 341
Functional regression control chart 110:Y 343
A variable parameters auxiliary information based quality control chart with application in a spring manufacturing process: The Markov chain approach 110:Y 347
A nonparametric CUSUM chart for monitoring multivariate serially correlated processes 111:Y 351
A S^2 – GWMA control chart for monitoring the process variability 119:Y 353
Building a sample frame of SMEs using patent, search engine and website data 210:Y 355
Inference for longitudinal data from complex sampling surveys: An approach based on quadratic inference functions 210:Y 357
Inference under pivotal sampling: Properties, variance estimation and application to tesselation for spatial sampling 210:Y 359
Correlation-based dynamic sampling for online high dimensional process monitoring 210:Y 361
A review of some sampling and aggregation strategies for basic statistical process monitoring 210:Y 365
Metropolized knockoff sampling 220:Y 367
Type I error inflation of blinded sample size re-estimation in equivalence testing 240:Y 371
Sample size determination for stratified Phase II cancer trials with monotone order constraints 240:Y 373
Sample size determination in group-sequential trials assessing interim futility by intermediate composite endpoints 240:Y 377
Lean Six Sigma in the public sector: Overcoming persistent management challenges 314:Y 381
ISO 9001 based quality management systems and organizational performance: A systematic literature review 342:Y 385
Why firms lose their ISO 9001 certification: Evidence from Portugal 342:Y 387
Exploring mediating role of service quality in the association between sensory marketing and customer satisfaction 350:S 391
Influence tactics, customer trust and buyer-supplier long-term relationships: Evidence from B2B companies in an emerging economy 350:Y 393
Twenty-first century supply chain management: A multiple case study analysis within the UK aerospace industry 351:Y 397
Four decades of research on quality: Summarizing, trendspotting and looking ahead 390:Y 401
The roles of quality departments and their influence on business results 440:A 405
Statistical inference based on accelerated failure time models under misspecification and small samples 512:Y 407
Estimating pure-error from near replicates in design of experiments 520:Y 409
Modelling time-varying mobility flows using function-to-function regression: Analysis of a bike sharing system in the city of Milan 540:S 411
Ratings meet reviews in monitoring of online products and services 640:A 413
A method for robust design of products or processes with categorical response 640:Y 415
Toward a theoretical framework of service experience: Perspectives from customer expectation and customer emotion 670:S 419
The effects of leadership style on service quality: Enrichment or depletion of innovation behavior and job standardization 670:S 421
Motivations and benefits of quality management systems in social services: Mediation of the implementation process 670:S 425
International survey of COVID-19 management strategies 690:B 429
COVID-19 is having a destructive impact on healthcare workers’ mental well-being 690:B 431
Mining quality determinants of product-service systems from user-generated contents 690:Y 433
Enhanced problem solving through redefined 8D step completion criteria 690:Y 437
An HDP-HMM based approach for tool wear estimation and tool life prediction 710:M 439
A recommended set of indices for evaluating process health 720:Y 443
Understanding and addressing complexity in problem solving 740:Y 447
Aggregation levels when time between events is Weibull distributed 820:Y 449
Planning accelerated life tests with multiple sources of random effects 820:Y 451
Assessing the reliability of wind power operations under a changing climate with a non-Gaussian bias correction 830:Z 453
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