QCAS / Volume 68 / Issue 3-4

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Adaptive EWMA-S2 control charts with adaptive smoothing parameter 110:Y 171
An adaptive exponentially weighted moving average control chart for Poisson process 119:Y 175
Random sampling strategies for multivariate statistical process control to detect cyber-physical manufacturing attacks 120:M 177
New dynamic reliability assessment method based on process capability index and fault importance index 120:Y 181
A new capability index for non-normal distributions based on linex loss function 120:Y 185
A review of dispersion control charts for multivariate individual observations 190:Y 189
An improved sample size calculation method for score tests in generalized linear models 240:Y 193
Effect of organizational culture and quality management on innovation among Nigerian manufacturing companies: The mediating role of dynamic capabilities 313:M 195
Towards a quality management competence framework: Exploring needed competencies in quality management 319:Y 199
A new method for quality function deployment using double hierarchy hesitant fuzzy linguistic term sets and axiomatic design approach 323:Y 201
Critical factors for Lean and innovation in services: From systematic review to an empirical investigation 329:S 205
The link between people and performance under EFQM excellence model umbrella 329:Y 209
Lean and CSR, contradictions and complementarities: Toward an effective managerial solution 329:Y 211
ISO 9000 and performance: A method review 342:Y 215
Factors influencing the choice of a quality certification in the Spanish hospitality industry 342:Y 217
Excellence for sustainability – maintaining the license to operate 349:Y 221
Lean, process improvement and customer-focused performance. The moderating effect of perceived organizational context 420:Y 225
Functional ensemble survival tree: Dynamic prediction of Alzheimer’s disease progression accommodating multiple time-varying covariates 519:B 227
Bayesian approach for determining player abilities in football 590:Z 231
Monitoring worker fatigue using wearable devices: A case study to detect changes in gait parameters 630:B 233
Regional bias when benchmarking services using customer satisfaction scores 670:S 237
Heterogeneous dimensions of SERVQUAL 670:S 239
Are dealers still relevant? How Dealer service quality impacts manufacturer success 670:S 241
Is quality assurance compatible with technological innovation? Case studies of massive open online courses (MOOCS) in United Kingdom higher education 680:T 245
Prepared for higher education? Staff and student perceptions of academic literacy dimensions across disciplines 680:T 249
COVID-19: Patient safety and quality improvement skills to deploy during the surge 690:B 251
Comparing length of hospital stay during COVID-19 pandemic in the USA, Italy and Germany 690:B 255
What is happening on Twitter? A framework for student research projects with tweets 690:Y 257
Within batch non-linear profile monitoring applied to shrimp farming: A case study 690:Z 259
Interpreting operator-part interaction in gage repeatability and reproducibility studies 710:Y 263
Multilevel process monitoring: A case study to predict student success or failure 720:T 265
The role of normal distribution in statistical process monitoring 720:Y 267
The evolution of the Italian framework to measure well-being 790:B 269
Multivariate time-between-events monitoring: An overview and some overlooked underlying complexities 790:Y 271
On assurance testing for repairable systems 830:Y 275
Reliability analysis of heat exchanging system of deep-sea manned submersibles using Markov model 830:Y 277
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