QCAS / Volume 60 / Issue 5-6

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CUSUM charts for monitoring the characteristic life of censored Weibull lifetimes 110:Y 429
A robust estimator for location in phase I based on an EWMA chart 110:Y 433
Probit models for capture-recapture data subject to imperfect detection, individual heterogeneity and misidentification 210:B 435
Split sample methods for constructing confidence intervals for binomial and Poisson parameters 210:Y 439
Optimal sampling frequency for high frequency data using a finite mixture model 210:Y 441
Efficient incomplete block designs through linear integer programming 210:Y 443
Double acceptance sampling plan for time truncated life tests based on Maxwell distribution 210:Y 445
A note on diagonal circular systematic sampling 210:Y 447
Some useful moment results in sampling problems 210:Y 449
Efficient sequential Monte Carlo sampling for continuous monitoring of a radiation situation 210:Y 451
Mixed acceptance sampling plans for product inspection using process capability index 220:Y 455
Sample size calculations for combination drugs of two monotherapies with one approved dose level 240:B 457
Sample size determination for the parallel model in a survey with sensitive questions 240:Y 459
Whole new world: Seasoned quality professionals rethink Deming’s 14 points for a new generation 311:Y 461
Driving organisational ambidexterity through process management. The key role of cultural change 313:Y 465
A multilevel framework of Six Sigma: A systematic review of the literature, possible extensions and future research 314:Y 467
Rock solid: Combining lean, Six Sigma and theory of constraints creates a process improvement powerhouse 314:Y 471
Exploring linkage of quality management to innovation 319:Y 475
Today’s quality is tomorrow’s reputation (and the following day’s business success) 319:Y 479
Critical factors for quality management initiatives in small- and medium-sized enterprises 319:Y 483
The system is the solution: A review of systems thinking and why Deming’s principles have stood the test of time 319:Y 485
The effects of quality management practices on employees’ well-being 334:Y 487
Using work stress measurement to develop and implement a TQM programme: A case of counter clerks in Serbian Post 339:Y 491
Building business excellence through psychological capital 339:Y 495
Does professional ethics affect quality of construction – A case in a developing economy? 339:Z 497
Empirical evidence on applying the European Foundation for Quality Management Excellence Model, a literature review 349:Y 499
A theoretical study of the relation between TQM, assessment and sustainable business excellence 349:Y 503
The effect of corporate social responsibility on brand loyalty: The mediating role of brand image 359:Y 505
Total quality management implementation in engineering education in India: An interpretive structural modelling approach 410:T 507
Quality management frameworks implementation in Polish local governments 410:Y 511
Prioritising investments in marketing activities to improve business performance 420:Y 515
The Toyota Way model: An alternative framework for lean construction 430:M 519
The innovation practices of manufacturing companies in a period of economic turbulence: The Greek case 440:Y 523
Economic analysis of TQM adoption in the construction sector 440:Z 525
A large-sample confidence interval for the inverse prediction of quantile differences in logistic regression for two independent tests 511:Y 527
Out-of-sample fusion in risk prediction 517:Y 531
Combined composite likelihood 519:Y 535
Model selection for estimating treatment effects 529:B 537
Nonparametric estimation of the conditional tail index and extreme quantiles under random censoring 551:Y 541
A nonparametric entropy-based approach to detect changes in climate extremes 551:Z 543
Organisational innovability: Exploring the impact of human and social capital in the banking industry 610:Y 545
How a training institute acquires learner satisfaction and loyalty under economic recession 680:T 547
Determining the key capabilities required for performance excellence in higher education 680:T 549
Service quality evaluation in the school of physical education and sports: An empirical investigation of students’ perceptions 680:T 553
Identifying at-risk students in higher education 680:T 557
Exploring the use of the Lexis diagram for monitoring lead times in health care: The illustrative case of an outpatient referral process 740:B 559
Comparison of estimators of the Weibull distribution 820:Y 563
Technical complaint management from a quality perspective 890:Y 565
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