QCAS / Volume 60 / Issue 4

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A distribution-free multivariate phase I location control chart for subgrouped data from elliptical distributions 190:Y 307
A sampling algorithm for bandwidth estimation in a nonparametric regression model with a flexible error density 290:Y 311
A new class of exponential regression cum ratio estimator in two phase sampling 290:Y 313
Do quality and innovation compete against or complement each other? The moderating role of an information exchange climate 311:Y 315
Does the rationale for implementing quality management practices matter? 313:Y 319
Lean Six Sigma: A fresh approach to achieving quality management 314:Y 321
Strategies for environmental and traditional quality efforts during new product development: Balancing complementarity and conflict 319:Y 323
Insights from the Baldrige award item-level blinded applicant scoring data 343:Y 325
Identifying critical factors that predict quality management program success: Data mining analysis of Baldrige award data 410:Y 329
A place to call home: Builder leverages quality toolbox, culture to construct house for ‘Extreme Makeover’ TV show 490:Z 331
Bootstrap confidence bands for the CDF using ranked-set sampling 511:Y 333
Empirical likelihood inference in linear regression with nonignorable missing response 512:Y 335
Testing instantaneous causality in presence of nonconstant unconditional covariance 515:Y 337
Ambiguity aversion with three or more outcomes 517:Y 339
The income gradient in childhood mental health: All in the eye of the beholder? 519:B 341
A Bayesian approach for benefit-risk assessment 519:Y 345
Relevant statistics for Bayesian model choice 519:Y 349
Statistics, causality and Bell’s theorem 519:Y 353
Detecting duplicates in a homicide registry using a Bayesian partitioning approach 519:Y 355
On the A criterion of experimental design 521:Y 357
How generalizable is your experiment? An index for comparing experimental samples and populations 521:Y 359
Fractional Brownian fields for response surface metamodeling 525:Y 361
Process optimization of a superfinishing machine through experimental design and mixed response surface models 525:Y 365
Design-comparable effect sizes in multiple baseline designs: A general modeling framework 529:Y 367
The best location for speed bump installation using Taguchi and classical design of experiments 529:Y 371
A review of empirical likelihood methods for time series 544:Y 373
Detecting trends in time series of functional data: A study of Antarctic climate change 544:Z 375
Parametric yield modeling using hidden variable logistic regression 549:Y 377
Causal diagrams for interference 552:Y 381
Wall Street and the housing bubble 610:E 385
On the epidemic of financial crises 610:Y 389
Using statistical methods to assess a surveillance program 690:Y 393
A graphical method to assist quality decisions throughout the product development process 790:Y 397
Estimating confidence interval of software reliability with adaptive testing strategy 850:Y 401
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