QCAS / Volume 60 / Issue 3

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A Gaussian process control chart for monitoring autocorrelated process data 110:Y 185
Local case-control sampling: Efficient subsampling in imbalanced data sets 220:Y 187
A content analysis of research in quality management and a proposed agenda for future research 310:Y 191
Leadership for quality and innovation: Challenges, theories and a framework for future research 312:A 195
Everything is 5S: A simple yet powerful lean improvement approach applied in a preadmission testing center 314:Y 197
Bank on it: Lean Six Sigma helps reorganize, streamline front-to-back process for European bank 314:Z 201
Linking quality improvement practices to knowledge management capabilities 319:Y 205
Impact of ISO 9000 on business performance in Pakistan: Implications for quality in developing countries 341:Y 207
An information processing perspective of process management: Evidence from Baldrige award recipients 343:Y 209
Lean healthcare and quality management: The experience of ThedaCare 410:A 211
Price, quality and variety: Measuring the gains from trade in differentiated products 440:E 213
Empirical likelihood confidence intervals for the difference of areas under two correlated ROC curves 511:Y 215
Statistical inference for population quantiles and variance in judgment post-stratified samples 512:Y 217
Global testing method for clustering means in ANOVA 515:Y 219
Socio-economic inequalities in bodily pain over the life cycle: longitudinal evidence from Australia, Britain and Germany 519:B 221
A “density-based” algorithm for cluster analysis using species sampling Gaussian mixture models 519:Y 225
Statistical surface monitoring by spatial-structure modeling 519:Y 229
An overview of semiparametric models in survival analysis 519:Y 233
Population dynamics in presence of state dependent fluctuations 519:Y 237
Two-stage adaptive randomization for delayed response in clinical trials 521:B 239
A practitioner’s guide to analyzing reliability experiments with random blocks and subsampling 522:Y 243
Asymptotic normality of the optimal solution in response surface methodology 525:Y 247
E-optimal designs for second-order response surface models 525:Y 249
Variable importance in matched case–control studies in settings of high dimensional data 529:B 251
Proposed nonparametric test for the mixed two-sample design 529:Y 255
Intra-cluster correlation structure in longitudinal data analysis: Selection criteria and misspecification tests 539:Y 257
Pointwise and simultaneous tolerance limits under logistic regression 549:Y 259
A Bayesian nonparametric test for minimal repair 551:Y 263
Nonparametric estimation of probability density functions for irregularly observed spatial data 551:Y 265
Bayesian modeling and forecasting of 24-hour high-frequency volatility 610:E 267
The use of a conceptual model and related indicators to evaluate quality of health care in intensive care units 690:B 269
Multivariate exponential smoothing and dynamic factor model applied to hourly electricity price analysis 690:Z 271
Risk preferences and demand drivers of extended warranties 860:Y 273
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