OR/MS / Volume 62 / Issue 1-2

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New product preannouncement: Phantom products and the Osborne effect Af:140 11
Which side are you on? The divergent effects of protest participation on organizations affiliated with identity groups Ag:190 13
Influence of national cultures on operations management and supply chain management practices: A research agenda Ah:100 17
Dynamic relational contracts for quality enforcement in supply chains Ah:100 21
The impact of media censorship: 1984 0r brave new world? Az:000 25
Corporate social responsibility and firm risk: Theory and empirical evidence Az:130 29
It is time to get some rest Bc:130 33
On the emergence of collective psychological ownership in new creative teams Bc:130 35
Network revenue management with cancellations and no-shows Cc:110 39
Online vehicle routing: The edge of optimization in large-sale applications Cc:250 43
Vehicle routing and location routing with intermediate stops: A review Cc:250 45
Crowdsourced delivery – A dynamic pickup and delivery problem with ad hoc drivers Cc:250 49
The same-day delivery problem for online purchases Cc:250 53
Routing and scheduling for a last-mile transportation system Cc:250 55
Optimal retail location: Empirical methodology and application to practice Cd:140 57
Managing wind-based electricity generation in the presence of storage and transmission capacity Cd:220 61
A simulation-based traffic signal control for congested urban traffic networks Cg:250 65
Inventory management and endogenous demand: Investigating the role of customer referrals, defections and product market failure Dd:100 69
Setting inventory levels in a bike sharing network Dd:250 73
Design implications of extended producer responsibility for durable products Dz:100 77
The (over) zealous snow remover problem Dz:220 81
The myopic property in decision models Ea:100 85
Forecasting new product life cycle curves: Practical approach and empirical analysis Eb:150 89
Exploring patterns of demand in bike sharing systems via replicated point process models Eb:210 93
Assessing the impact of service level when customer needs are uncertain: An empirical investigation of hospital step-down units Eb:220 95
Determining process capacity: Intractability and efficient special cases Ed:100 97
Probabilistic analysis of rumor-spreading time Ee:130 99
Capacity uncertainty in airline revenue management: Models, algorithms, and computations Ef:110 101
Price theory Ez:230 103
The effect of house prices on household borrowing: A new approach Ez:230 105
From immigrants to robots: The changing locus of substitutes for workers Fa:100 109
Internet addiction: When the positive emotions are not so positive Fc:130 113
Physical stores in the digital age: How store closures affect consumer churn Fc:140 117
Teaching OR/MS with cases: A review and new suggestions Z:100 121
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