OR/MS / Volume 62 / Issue 3-4

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Communicating with warmth in distributive negotiations is surprisingly counterproductive Af:100 171
Regulating innovation with uncertain quality: Information, risk and access in medical devices Af:220 175
The proliferating singles’ population and its impact on a transformative marketing landscape Ag:140 179
Peer effects of corporate social responsibility Az:130 181
Whistle blowing, forced CEO turnover and misconduct: The role of socially minded employees and directors Az:130 185
Combining the virtues of stochastic frontier and data envelopment analysis Cb:100 189
Mobile hailing technology and taxi driving behaviors Cc:100 193
Planning for overtime: The value of shift extensions in physician scheduling Cc:220 199
No-wait scheduling for locks Cc:250 203
Collaborative human-UAV search and rescue for missing tourists in nature reserves Ce:220 207
Rare-event simulation for distribution networks De:000 211
Impact of in-store promotion and spillover effect on private label introduction Ea:140 215
Misperception of exponential growth: Are people aware of their errors? Eb:100 221
Probability forecasts and their combination: A research perspective Ee:100 225
Failures in contingent reasoning: The role of uncertainty Ef:100 229
Quantifying information and uncertainty Ef:100 233
Is customer satisfaction really a catch-all? The discrepancy between financial performance and survey results Eg:110 237
Don’t mention it? Analyzing user-generated content signals for early adverse event warnings Fc:100 239
Learning in online advertising Fc:140 243
Search and learning at a daily deals website Fc:140 247
Advertising strategy in the presence of reviews: An empirical analysis Fc:140 253
Frontiers – machines vs. humans: The impact of artificial intelligence chatbot disclosure on customer purchases Fc:140 257
Sponsorship disclosure and consumer deception: Experimental evidence from native advertising in mobile search Fc:140 261
Consumer privacy choice in online advertising: Who opts out and at what cost to industry? Fc:140 267
Whose voice do we hear in the marketplace? Evidence from consumer complaining behavior Fc:140 271
Consumer protection on Kickstarter Fc:220 277
Informational autocrats Fz:100 283
The labor market integration of refugee migrants in high-income countries Z:270 287
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