OR/MS / Volume 62 / Issue 5-6

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Forking, fragmentation and splintering Af:100 341
What is different about digital strategy? From quantitative to qualitative change Af:140 345
Centralized admissions for engineering colleges in India Ag:220 349
“Monday effect” on performance variations in supply chain fulfillment: How information technology-enabled procurement may help Ah:100 353
Designing response supply chains against bioattacks Ah:120 357
Supply chain proximity and product quality Ah:120 361
How pair programming influences team performance: The role of backup behavior, shared mental models and task novelty Bc:130 365
Provably high-quality solutions for the meal delivery routing problem Cc:220 369
Effects of rescheduling on patient no-show behavior in outpatient clinics Cc:220 373
A robust pairing model for airline crew scheduling Cg:250 377
Bus routing optimization helps Boston public schools design better policies Cg:250 379
Staffing, routing and payment to trade off speed and quality in large service systems Db:100 383
Spatial modeling of trends in crime over time in Philadelphia Db:220 387
Minimizing the maximum expected waiting time in a periodic single-server queue with a service-rate control Dd:000 391
Capacity and inventory management: Review, trends and projections Dd:100 393
To wait or not to wait: The theory and practice of ticket queues Dd:130 397
Setting strategic objectives for the coalition for epidemic preparedness innovations: An exploratory decision analysis process Ea:220 401
The law of equal opportunities or unintended consequences?: The effect of unisex risk assessment in consumer credit Ef:110 405
Robotized and automated warehouse systems: Review and recent developments Fa:120 409
Word-of-Mouth system implementation and customer conversion: A randomized field experiment Fc:140 413
Measuring the value of recommendation links on product demand Fc:140 417
Understanding user-generated content and customer engagement on Facebook business pages Fc:140 421
Online product reviews-triggered dynamic pricing: Theory and evidence Fc:140 425
When seeing helps believing: The interactive effects of previews and reviews on e-book purchases Fc:140 429
Bayesian social learning from consumer reviews Fc:140 435
Planning online advertising using Gini indices Fc:140 439
How enterprise architecture improves the quality of IT investment decisions Fe:160 443
Swarm debugging: The collective intelligence on interactive debugging Fe:160 447
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