OR/MS / Volume 59 / Issue 5-6

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When to abandon a research project and search for a new one Af:170 373
Opportunities and challenges in sustainable supply chain: An operations research perspective Ah:100 377
Service refusals in supply chains: Drivers and deterrents of freight rejection Ah:120 381
Why do people give? Testing pure and impure altruism Bc:130 385
Uncertain data envelopment analysis Cb:000 389
The state-of-the-art integrations and applications of the analytic hierarchy process Cb:000 391
Multi-priority online scheduling with cancellations Cc:100 395
Inventory routing with pickups and deliveries Cc:120 399
Forest harvest scheduling and endogenous road costs Cc:240 403
Time-indexed formulations for the runway scheduling problem Cc:250 405
Improving post-disaster road network accessibility by strengthening links against failures Cc:250 409
Optimal routing for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles Cc:250 413
Collaborative vehicle routing: A survey Cc:250 417
Adoptive routing and recharging policies for electric vehicles Cc:250 421
Learning to optimize via information-directed sampling Cd:000 423
Optimizing inbound baggage handling at airports Cd:250 425
Column generation of outbound baggage handling at airports Cd:250 429
Multi-criteria optimization for last mile distribution of disaster relief aid: Test cases and applications Cg:220 431
Processing time ambiguity and port competitiveness Cg:250 435
When to release feedback in a dynamic tournament Cz:000 439
Do bags fly free? An empirical analysis of the operational implications of airline baggage fees Db:140 443
Effects of system parameters on the optimal cost and policy in a class of multidimensional queuing control problems Dd:000 447
Humans are not machines: The behavioral impact of queuing design on service time Dd:100 451
Product quality in a distribution channel with inventory risk Dd:150 455
Inventory rebalancing through pricing in public bike sharing systems Dd:220 459
Distressed selling by farmers: Model, analysis, and use in policy-making De:210 463
American Red Cross uses analytics-based methods to improve blood-collection operations Dz:220 467
The effect of calorie posting regulation on consumer opinion: A flexible latent Dirichlet allocation model with informative priors Ea:130 471
Credit ratings and credit risk: Is one measure enough? Ef:110 477
Lying aversion and the size of the lie Ef:130 481
An approach to determining the importance of model criteria in certifying a city as business-friendly Ez:220 485
Time series forecasting for dynamic quality of web services: An empirical study Fc:000 489
First impressions matter: An experimental investigation of online financial advice Fc:110 493
Social media analytics: Literature review and directions for future research Fc:140 497
Bidding for multiple keywords in sponsored search advertising: Keyword categories and match types Fc:140 501
Customer referral incentives and social media Fc:140 505
Online shopping and platform design with ex ante registration requirements Fc:140 509
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