OR/MS / Volume 59 / Issue 3-4

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Organizational hazards when a business unit goes rogue: The case of Andersen Consulting Ab:100 187
Towards a political theory of the firm Ac:100 191
Brand loyalty versus store loyalty: Consumers’ role in determining dependence structure of supplier-retailer dyads Ac:130 195
Validity and reliability of satisfaction as a mediator between quality constructs in manufacturer-supplier relationships through time and across contexts Ah:100 199
Integrated supply chain management via randomized rounding Ah:120 203
Dynamic product rotation in the presence of strategic customers Az:140 205
Work-education mismatch: An endogenous theory of professionalization Ba:130 209
Gender quotas and the crisis of the mediocre man: Theory and evidence from Sweden Bd:130 213
Understanding the inner muse: Integrating the creative self-efficacy literature Bd:130 217
Team incentives and performance: Evidence from a retail chain Bd:130 221
People skills: Building the perfect team – A change management perspective Bd:130 225
Structuring problems for multi-criteria decision analysis in practice: A literature review of method combinations Cb:000 227
The vehicle routing problem with release and due dates Cc:000 231
Scheduling position-dependent maintenance operations Cc:100 233
Appointment scheduling and routing optimization of attended home delivery with random customer behavior Cc:120 235
Organization of public safety networks: Spillovers, interoperability and participation Cc:220 239
Integrated anesthesiologist and room scheduling for surgeries: Methodology and application Cc:220 245
Non-elementary formulations for single vehicle routing problems with pickups and deliveries Cc:250 249
Eliminating the inconvenience of carrying: Optimal pricing of delivery service for retailers Cd:140 253
Optimizing new-vehicle inventory at General Motors Cd:200 257
Optimization of multidisciplinary staffing improves patient experiences at the Mayo Clinic Cd:220 261
Verizon optimizes work center locations to reduce installation and repair operations costs Cz:120 265
Asymptotically optimal control for a multiclass queuing model in the moderate deviation heavy traffic regime Dd:000 267
Flexible queuing architectures Dd:100 269
Why locate manufacturing in a high-cost country? A case study of 35 production location decisions Dz:120 271
Anonymizing and sharing medical text records Dz:220 275
Dynamic theory of losses in wars and conflicts Dz:260 279
Sustaining the drone enterprise: How manpower analysis engendered policy reform in the United States Air Force Eb:260 281
Mitigating inventory overstocking: Optimal order-up-to level to achieve a target fill rate over a finite horizon Ed:120 285
Choosing the devil you don’t know: Evidence for limited sensitivity to sample size-based uncertainty when it offers an advantage Ef:100 287
Secrecy and patents: Theory and evidence from the uniform trade secrets act Ef:100 291
A theory of crowdfunding: A mechanism design approach with demand uncertainty and moral hazard Fa:100 295
Co-evolution between streaming and live music leads a way to the sustainable growth of music industry – Lessons from the US experiences Fa:100 299
Online grocery retail: Revenue models and environmental impact Fa:100 303
Omni-channel retail operations with buy-online and pick-up-in-store Fa:140 307
Co-evolution of social networks and continuous actor attributes Fc:000 311
Inventory disclosure in online retailing Fc:140 313
Understanding voluntary knowledge provision and content contribution through a social-media-based prediction market: A field experiment Fc:140 317
Optimal contracts for intermediaries in online advertising Fc:140 321
On buyer selection of service providers in online outsourcing platforms for IT services Fc:160 325
Online and off the field: Predicting school choice in college football recruiting from social media data Fc:220 329
Logic pluralism in mobile platform ecosystems: A study of indie app developers on the ios app store Fe:160 331
Continued voluntary participation intention in firm-participating open source software projects Fe:160 333
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