OR/MS / Volume 59 / Issue 1-2

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Market entry by high technology startups: The effect of competition level and startup innovativeness Af:100 17
Why outlet stores exist: Averting cannibalization in product line extensions Af:140 21
Add-on policies under vertical differentiation: Why do luxury hotels charge for internet while economy hotels do not? Ag:140 25
Price and quality decisions in dual-channel supply chains Ah:100 29
Sourcing under supplier responsibility risk: The effects of certification, audit and contingency payment Ah:100 33
Pareto improving supply chain coordination under a money-back guarantee service program Ah:110 37
How much do industry, corporation and business matter, really? A meta-analysis Az:100 41
Promoted up but also out? The unintended consequences of increasing women’s representation in managerial roles in engineering Ba:150 45
Gender and negative network ties: Exploring difficult work relationships within and across gender Ba:140 49
A comprehensive approach to revealed preference theory Bc:140 53
Regenerator location problem in flexible optical networks Cc:000 57
Node, edge, arc routing and turn penalties: Multiple problems – one neighborhood extension Cc:000 61
Optimal network design with end-to-end service requirements Cc:100 65
Network pricing of congestion-free networks: The elastic and linear demand case Cc:110 69
An exact method for vehicle routing and truck driver scheduling problems Cc:250 71
Branch and price and cut for split-delivery vehicle routing problem with time windows and linear weight-related cost Cc:250 75
Truck scheduling in the postal service industry Cc:250 79
The electric location routing problem with time windows and partial recharging Cc:250 81
Customizable route planning in road networks Cc:250 85
The vehicle routing problem with transhipment facilities Cc:250 87
Mathematical optimization approaches for facility layout problems: The state-of-the-art and future research directions Cd:120 89
Optimal recharging policies for electric vehicles Cd:250 93
Optimal allocation of students to naval nuclear-power training units Cd:260 95
Improved local search approaches to solve the post enrollment course enrollment timetabling problem Ce:000 99
Controlling a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to collect uncertain information in a threat environment Ce:260 103
A demand estimator based on a nested logit model Cz:000 107
Sugarcane harvest logistics in Brazil Cz:100 111
A methodological framework of travel time distribution estimation for urban signalized arterial roads Cz:250 115
Measuring and understanding brand value in a dynamic model of brand management Db:140 119
Queues with server vacations as a model for pretimed signalized urban traffic Dd:250 123
A dynamic model of health insurance choices and healthcare consumption decisions Df:220 125
Analysis of traffic statics and dynamics in signalized networks: A Poincare map approach Df:250 127
Discretization precision and assessment error Ea:000 131
Optimal group size in joint liability contract Ea:110 133
Rare disasters, credit and option market puzzles Eb:110 135
An improved method for forecasting spare parts demand using extreme value theory Eb:150 137
The role of surge pricing on a service platform with self-scheduling capacity Eb:220 141
Predicting the potential market for electric vehicles Eb:250 145
The influence of quality inspections on the optimal safety stock level Ed:100 147
Behavior-based pricing, production efficiency and quality differentiation Fa:130 151
Customer satisfaction as mediator between website service quality and repurchase intention: An emerging economy case Fc:140 155
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