QCAS / Volume 67 / Issue 1-2

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Exploring mechanisms of recruitment and recruitment cooperation in respondent driven sampling 230:Y 11
Survey non-response trends and fieldwork effort in the 21st century: Results of an international study across countries and surveys 230:Y 13
Continuing to explore the relation between economic and political factors and government survey refusal rates: 1960-2015 230:Y 15
Assessing interviewer performance in approaching reissued initial non-respondents 230:Y 17
The effects of non-response and sampling omissions on estimates on various topics in federal surveys: Telephone and IVR surveys of address-based samples 230:Y 19
Working with response probabilities 230:Y 23
A validation of R-indicators as a measure of the risk of bias using data from a non-response follow-up survey 230:Y 27
Power and sample size for fixed-effects inference in reversible linear mixed models 240:Y 31
Analysis of Lean Six Sigma tools from a multidimensional perspective 314:Y 35
Synergies between critical success factors of Lean Six Sigma and public values 314:Y 37
Lean Six Sigma and social performance: A review and synthesis of current evidence 314:Y 39
Designing the airport service with fuzzy QFD based on SERVQUAL integrated with a fuzzy multi-objective decision model 323:S 43
Decision making on job satisfaction improvement programs using fuzzy QFD model: A case study in Ethiopia 323:Y 47
Knowledge exploration and exploitation in team context 332:Y 51
A preliminary analysis modeling of the relationship between quality management practices and sustainable performance 334:Y 55
Performance measurement systems, TQM and multi-level firm performance: A person-organization fit perspective 334:Y 57
Measuring the corporate managers’ attitudes towards ISO’s social responsibility standard 342:A 61
The impact of relational capital on supplier quality integration and operational performance 351:Y 63
Operational excellence, organizational culture and agility: The missing link? 390:Y 67
Identifying helpful quality-related reviews from social media based on attractive quality theory 390:Y 71
Evolution and future of total quality management: Management control and organizational learning 410:A 75
Enhancing customer satisfaction through total quality management practices – An empirical examination 410:Y 79
Analyzing the cost of quality within a supply chain using system dynamics approach 440:Y 83
Confidence intervals of Gini coefficient under unequal probability sampling 511:Y 87
What properties might statistical inferences reasonably be expected to have? Crisis and resolution in statistical inference 512:Y 89
Bayes, oracle Bayes and empirical Bayes 517:Y 91
The importance of being clustered: Uncluttering the trends of statistics from 1970 to 2015 590:Y 93
Service quality dimensions and customer satisfaction: Empirical evidence from retail banking sector in Oman 610:Y 97
The influence of service quality on customer satisfaction and loyalty in B2B technology service industry 670:S 101
Linking employee, customer and business results: A study in the hotel industry 670:S 105
A measure of tourist experience quality: The case of inland tourism in Malaga 670:S 107
Service innovation quality in healthcare: Service innovativeness and organizational renewal as driving forces 670:S 109
Developing land and structure price indices for Ottawa condominium apartments 690:Y 111
Double barreled questions: An analysis of the similarity of elements and effects on measurement quality 710:Y 115
The Quality Cafe: Developing the World Cafe´ method for organizational learning by including quality management tools 740:Y 117
The growth stage model of quality information systems: An example of manmade fiber industry 790:Y 121
Maintenance policy for a system with a weighted linear combination of degradation processes 810:Y 125
The impact of serviceability-oriented dimensions of after-sales service cost and customer satisfaction 840:Y 127
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