QCAS / Volume 67 / Issue 3-4

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A rule of thumb: Run lengths to false alarm of many types of control charts run in parallel on dependent streams are asymptotically independent 110:Y 171
A new process control chart for monitoring short-range serially correlated data 110:Y 173
An adaptive nonparametric exponentially weighted moving average control chart with dynamic sampling intervals 111:Y 175
An adversarial risk analysis framework for batch acceptance problems 120:Y 177
Big data? Statistical process control can help! 130:Y 181
Local uncertainty sampling for large-scale multiclass logistic regression 210:Y 183
Estimation in complex sampling designs based on resampling methods 210:Y 185
Sampling strategies to estimate deer density by drive counts 220:B 187
Outcome-dependent sampling in cluster-correlated data settings with application to hospital profiling 220:B 191
Targeted sampling from massive block model graphs with personalized PageRank 220:Y 193
Inference for two-stage sampling designs 220:Y 195
The stratified micro-randomized trial design: Sample size considerations for testing nested causal effects of time-varying treatments 240:Y 197
Optimal, two-stage, adaptive enrichment designs for randomized trials, using sparse linear programming 290:Y 199
Maturity of lean practices in Brazilian manufacturing companies 314:Y 201
Motivated for continuance? Associations between structural empowerment, role conflict, person-job fit and satisfaction in Six Sigma programs 314:Y 205
New evidence on the origins of quality circles 339:Y 209
Developing and validating a model of ISO 9001 effectiveness gap: Empirical evidence from China 342:Y 213
The contribution of quality management to an organisation’s digital transformation: A qualitative study 410:Y 217
A pattern-based decision framework in the era of Industry 4.0 490:Y 221
Quality engineering-based management: A proposal for achieving total optimisation of large systems 490:Y 225
Using Cox regression to develop linear rank tests with zero-inflated clustered data 511:Y 229
Two-sample test based on classification probability 511:Y 233
A novel approach to latent class modelling: Identifying the various types of body mass index individuals 519:B 235
Statistical issues and recommendations for clinical trials conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic 519:B 237
Challenges in assessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the integrity and interpretability of clinical trials 519:B 241
Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on the clinical trial objective and analysis of oncology clinical trials – application of the estimand framework 519:B 245
Clinical trials impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic: Adaptive designs to the rescue? 519:B 249
Efficient adaptive designs for clinical trials of interventions for COVID-19 519:B 253
Clinical trial drug safety assessment for studies and submissions impacted by COVID-19 519:B 257
Machine learning for clinical trials in the era of COVID-19 519:B 261
Matching methods for observational studies derived from large administrative databases 519:Y 265
Use of alternative designs and data sources for pediatric trials 529:B 267
Dependability-based cluster weighting in clustering ensemble 539:Y 271
Testing and estimation of social network dependence with time to event data 690:Y 275
Process monitoring ROC curve for evaluating dynamic screening methods 820:Y 277
Improving maintenance quality in airport baggage handling operations 840:Y 281
Seasonal warranty prediction based on recurrent event data 860:Y 285
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