QCAS / Volume 57 / Issue 4

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Two MEWMA charts for Gumbel’s bivariate exponential distribution 110:Y 307
A synthetic double sampling control chart for the process Mean 110:Y 311
EWMA control charts for monitoring binary processes with applications to medical diagnosis data 111:Y 313
Weighted bagging: A modification of AdaBoost from the perspective of importance sampling 210:Y 317
An optimal multivariate stratified sampling design using auxiliary information: An integer solution using goal programming approach 220:Y 319
A closer look at D-optimality for screening designs 230:Y 321
A framework for cut-off sampling in business survey design 230:Y 325
A lean transformation 314:Y 327
Refresh and revitalize 314:Y 329
Applying the Kano model and QFD to explore customer’s brand contacts in the hotel business: A study of a hot spring hotel 323:Z 331
To agree or not to agree? A meta-analytical review of strategic consensus and organizational performance 334:A 333
The impact of ISO 9001 standard and the EFQM model: The view of the assessors 342:Y 335
One strike and you’re out: Qualitative insights into the formation of consumers’ ethical company or brand perceptions 350:A 337
Identification of customer delight for quality attributes and its applications 350:Y 339
Quality certification systems and their impact on employee satisfaction in services with high levels of customer contact 350:Y 341
Managing quality in outsourced production: Construct development and measurement validation 351:M 343
The power of intangibles in high-profitability firms 390:Y 345
Application of the total quality management approach in a Spanish retailer: The case of Mercadona 410:A 347
Next-generation quality promotion programmes in Taiwan 490:Y 351
Goodness-of-fit testing in growth curve models: A general approach based on finite differences 511:Y 353
Saddlepoint test in measurement error models 511:Y 357
Slice sampling mixture models 519:Y 361
Saddle point approximations to the mean and variance of the extended hypergeometric distribution 519:Y 363
A class of three-level designs for definitive screening in the presence of second-order effects 520:Y 365
Designing simulation experiments with controllable and uncontrollable factors for applications in healthcare 520:Y 367
Don’t use rank sum tests to analyze factorial designs 520:Y 369
A Bayesian optimal design for accelerated degradation tests 529:Y 371
Regression models for grouped survival data: Estimation and sensitivity analysis 549:Y 375
Optimal scaling for risk assessment: Merging of operational and financial data 610:A 379
An empirical examination of benefits from implementing integrated management systems (IMS) 650:A 383
An integrated framework based on the ECSI approach to link mould customers’ satisfaction and product design 660:A 385
The effect of safety management systems on continuous improvement of patient safety: The moderating role of safety climate and autonomy 670:B 389
Perceived service quality and self-concept influences on consumer attitude and purchase process: A comparison between physical and internet channels 690:S 391
Reliability evaluation and optimal design in heterogeneous multi-state series-parallel systems 820:Y 393
Estimation of reliability in a series system with random sample size 820:Y 397
Analysis of horizontal machining center field failure data based on generalized linear mixed model: A case study 830:Y 399
Usage space analysis for reliability testing 830:Y 401
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