QCAS / Volume 53 / Issue 4-5

Title Cat:App Page
On the superiority of a variable sampling interval control chart 110:Y 361
Joint economic design of EWMA control charts for mean and variance 113:Y 365
Evaluating and improving the unit and group-runs chart 210:Y 367
A self-starting control chart for linear profiles 210:Y 369
Systematic sampling is a minimum support design 210:Y 371
FillerMean-adjusted bootstrap for two-phase sampling 210:Y 375
A characteristic function approach to the biased sampling model, with application to robust logistic regression 210:Y 379
Handling survey nonresponse in cluster sampling 230:Y 381
Struggles with survey weighting and regression modeling 230:Y 385
Constructing optimal randomized response designs with consideration for the level of privacy protection 230:Y 391
Sample size re-estimation: Nonparametric approach 240:Y 393
On an optimal controlled nearest proportional to size sampling scheme 240:Y 397
Sample size determination for achieving stability of double multivariate exponentially weighted moving average controller 240:Y 403
The effect of sample size on the extended self-organizing map network – A market segmentation application 240:Y 407
Sample size calculation for the log-rank tests for multi-arm trials with a control 240:Y 413
Improving adaptive importance sampling simulation of Markovian queueing models using non-parametric smoothing 290:Y 415
Eight steps to sustain change 310:Y 417
Achieve compliance through CI 311:Y 419
Six Sigma, value and competitive strategy 314:A 421
Army aviation depot does an about-face 314:Y 423
Does Six Sigma improve performance? 314:Y 425
Ranking customer requirements in QFD by factoring in their interrelationship values 323:Y 427
Burned by bullying in the American workplace: Prevalence, perception, degree and impact 332:A 429
Putting employees in their place: The impact of hot desking on organizational and team identifications 332:A 431
ASQ team says QMS and EMS standards support SOX 342:Y 433
The long-term impact of ISO 9000 certification on business performance: A longitudinal study using Turkish stock market returns 342:Y 435
A recipe for safe food: ISO 22000 and HACCP 342:Z 437
The metrics of relationships: Measuring satisfaction, loyalty and profitability of relational customers 350:Y 439
RFID, privacy and the perception of risk: A strategic framework 352:Y 441
Customer expectations in online auctions environments: An exploratory study of customer feedback and risk 359:Z 443
Exploratory data analysis in quality-improvement projects 510:Y 445
Modelling price paths in on-line auctions: smoothing sparse and unevenly sampled curves by using semiparametric mixed models 510:Z 447
Confidence intervals for the scale parameter of exponential distribution based on Type II doubly censored samples 511:Y 449
Practical small sample inference for single lag subset autoregressive models 512:Y 451
Misunderstandings between experimentalists and observationalists about causal inference 512:Y 453
A running example for use in a class on design of experiments 520:Y 457
Must a process be in statistical control before conducting designed experiments 520:Y 459
Optimal block designs for three treatments when observations are correlated 522:Y 461
MR–PRIM: Patient rule induction method for multi-response optimization 525:Y 463
Improving the internal audit experience 610:A 465
The process management triangle: An empirical investigation of process trade-offs 620:Y 467
Linking forward and reverse supply chain investments: The role of business uncertainty 660:Y 469
Process drivers of e-service quality: Analysis of data from an online rating site 670:S 473
Service quality in higher education: The role of student expectations 680:S 475
Alliance relationship dynamics: Conflict, structure and control 690:A 477
Exercise a process improvement approach for your own wellness 690:B 479
Preservation of reliability classes under mixtures of renewal processes 820:Y 481
A two-parameter lifetime distribution with decreasing failure rate 820:Y 483
Bayesian design in queues: An application to aeronautic maintenance 840:Z 485
Safety analysis of software product lines using state-based modeling 850:Y 491
The effects of information overload on software project risk assessment 850:Z 493