QCAS / Volume 53 / Issue 6

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Multivariate statistical process control based on principal component analysis (MSPC-PCA): Some reflections and a case study in an auto body assembly process 110:Y 543
Modified Shewhart charts for high yield processes 110:Y 545
An NP control chart using double inspections 112:Y 547
A two-stage cumulative quantity control chart for monitoring Poisson processes 119:Y 549
Assessing process capability based on the lower confidence bound of Cpk for asymmetric tolerances 120:Y 551
Statistical monitoring of a sealing process by means of multivariate accelerometer data 130:M 555
Understanding behavioral sources of process variation following enterprise system deployment 130:Y 557
Probability based estimation theory for respondent driven sampling 210:Y 559
Theoretical measures of relative performance of classifiers for high dimensional data with small sample sizes 210:Y 561
Map Quest: Raytheon’s catalyst technique finds power in organizational networks 314:Y 563
A launch to quality 314:Z 565
An overview of the Shainin SystemTM for quality improvement 319:Y 567
An exploration of how the employee-organization relationship affects the linkage between perception of developmental human resource practices and employee outcomes 333:A 571
Sharpen your auditing skills 341:A 573
The great debate: Can one process approach apply to QMS and EMS audits? 341:A 575
QMS certification: Down with disillusionment 342:Y 577
Supplier’s involvement and success of radical new product development in new ventures 350:Y 579
Quality control of wastewater treatment: A new approach 430:S 581
It all ties together: CSX team’s project curtails fuel consumption, saves company millions 430:Y 583
Data conformance testing by digital analysis – A critical review and an approach to more appropriate testing 510:Y 585
An efficient sequential optimization approach based on the multivariate expected improvement criterion 519:Y 587
A two-stage procedure for comparing hazard rate functions 519:Y 589
Optimal designs for conjoint experiments 520:Y 591
Projection density estimation under an m-sample semiparametric model 540:Y 595
Split-plot experiments with unusual numbers of subplot runs 549:Y 597
Some simple nonparametric methods to test for perfect ranking in ranked set sampling 551:Y 599
Determinants of customer-perceived service quality in fast-food restaurants and their relationship to customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions 670:S 601
Bayesian forecasting of an inhomogeneous Poisson process with applications to call center data 670:Y 603
Conditions that shape the learning curve: Factors that increase the ability and opportunity to learn 680:A 605
Using qualitative data to learn about customer needs: Understanding employer desires when designing an MBA program 680:T 607
Manufacturing vaccines: An illustration of using PAT tools for controlling the cultivation of Bordetella pertussis 700:B 609
Better safe than sorry: Look inward, not just overseas, to prevent product safety mishaps 810:Y 611
K’NEX success: Reliability in supply chain helps toymaker thrive while spate of recalls plays out 810:Y 613
Importance functions for RESTART simulation of highly-dependable systems 810:Y 615
MUT of a one out two system with preventive maintenance 820:Y 617
Optimal maintenance service contract negotiation with aging equipment 840:M 621
An empirical, path-oriented approach to software analysis and testing 850:Y 625
Software reliability prediction by soft computing techniques 850:Y 627
Ranking reusability of software components using coupling metrics 850:Z 629
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