OR/MS / Volume 60 / Issue 3-4

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Environmental incidents and the market value of firms: An empirical investigation in the Chinese context Aa:240 171
Cultural imprinting, institutions and the organization of new firms Ac:100 175
Modeling and validating public-private partnerships in disaster management Ac:220 179
Innovation, openness and platform control Af:000 183
Competitive strategies for brick-and-mortar stores to counter “showrooming” Af:100 187
Disruptive entrepreneurship and dual purpose strategies: The case of Uber Aa:250 191
Taking stock of the ability to change: The effect of prior experience Ag:100 197
When more is less: Field evidence on unintended consequences of multitasking Bc:130 201
The generation for change: Millennials, their career orientation and role innovation Bc:140 205
Noise as signal in learning from rare events Bd:130 207
Tasks interrupted: How anticipating time pressure on resumption of an interrupted task causes attention residue and low performance on interrupting tasks and how a “ready-to-resume” plan mitigates the effects Bd:130 211
Mandates of dishonesty: The psychological and social costs of mandated attitude expression Bz:130 215
Stochastic inventory routing for perishable products Cc:250 219
Robust optimization for a maritime inventory routing problem Cd:250 223
Car travel demand: Spillovers and asymmetric price effects in a spatial setting Cd:250 227
Spatial resource allocation for emerging epidemics: A comparison of greedy, myopic and dynamic policies Cz:220 231
Optimal price and delay differentiation in large-scale queuing systems Dd:000 235
Robust inventory management: An optimal control approach Dd:100 239
Millennial-style learning: Search intensity, decision making and information sharing Ea:000 243
Data analytics competency for improving firm decision making performance Ea:100 247
Optimizing the profitability and quality of service in carshare systems under demand uncertainty Ef:100 251
Pricing when customers have limited attention Ez:140 255
Exploring the impact of digital platforms on SME internationalization: New Zealand SMEs use of the Alibaba platform for Chinese market entry Fc:100 259
Incentives for prosocial behavior: The role of reputations Fc:130 263
Dynamic pricing in social networks: The word-of-mouth effect Fc:140 267
Why and how do branders sell new products of flash sale platforms? Fc:140 269
On information distortions in online ratings Fc:140 273
Why men and women continue to use social networking sites: The role of gender differences Fc:140 275
The use of Twitter profiles to assess personality and hireability Fc:140 279
How much do online consumers really value free product returns? Evidence from eBay Fc:140 283
Firestorms: Modeling conflict diffusion and management strategies in online communities Fc:220 287
Finding extremists in online social networks Fc:270 293
Evolution of the R software ecosystem: Metrics, relationships and their impact on qualities Fe:100 297
Smells in software test code: A survey of knowledge in industry and academia Fe:170 301
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