OR/MS / Volume 60 / Issue 5-6

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Bricks-and-mortar entry by online retailers in the presence of consumer sales taxes Af:140 341
The impact of e-book distribution on print sales: Analysis of a natural experiment Af:140 345
Do coupons expand or cannibalize revenue? Evidence from an e-market Af:140 349
Investigating the moderating effects of perceived technological change on sales force acceptance Ag:130 353
Managing service systems with unknown quality and customer anecdotal reasoning Az:220 357
When discounts hurt sales: The case of daily-deal markets Bc:140 361
Gender composition and group confidence judgment: The perils of all-male groups Bz:130 367
Immediate and long-term benefits of in-store return experience Bz:130 371
Dynamic scheduling in a many-server, multiclass system: The role of customer impatience in large systems Cc:140 375
Inferring the economics of store density from closures: The Starbucks case Cd:140 379
Optimal design of return policies Cd:140 383
Optimal income taxation theory and principles of fairness Cd:220 387
Managing queuing systems where capacity is random and customers are impatient Dd:130 393
Observe, orient, decide, act: A subjectivist model of entrepreneurial decision making Ea:100 399
Dynamic pricing through data sampling Ee:140 403
The rich domain of ambiguity explored Ef:000 407
Sentiment manipulation in online platforms: An analysis of movie tweets Eg:130 413
Does copyright affect reuse? Evidence from Google Books and Wikipedia Ez:000 417
Elite colleges and upward mobility to top jobs and top incomes Ez:130 421
Motivating user-generated content with performance feedback: Evidence from randomized field experiments Fc:100 427
Should an online retailer penalize its independent sellers for stockout? Fc:110 433
The impact of user personality traits on word of mouth: Text-mining social media platforms Fc:130 437
Channels of impact: User reviews when quality is dynamic and managers respond Fc:130 441
An economic analysis of peer disclosure in online social communities Fc:140 447
Impact of average rating on social media endorsement: The moderating role of rating dispersion and discount threshold Fc:140 451
The power of rankings: Quantifying the effect of rankings on online consumer search and purchase decisions Fc:140 455
Preaching to the choir: The chasm between top-ranked reviewers, mainstream customers and product sales Fc:140 461
Can Google Trends improve your sales forecast? Fc:140 465
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