QCAS / Volume 58 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
Variability reduction: A statistical engineering approach to engage operations teams in process improvement 130:Y 307
Using SPC in conjunction with APC 190:Y 311
The sensitivity of respondent-driven sampling 210:Y 313
Estimating agreement coefficients from sample survey data 210:Y 315
Unbiased estimation of a sensitive portion in general sampling by three nonrandomized response schemes 210:Y 317
Optimal designing of skip-lot sampling plan of type SkSP-2 with double sampling plan as the reference plan 220:Y 319
The future of quality technology: From a manufacturing to a knowledge economy & from defects to innovations 310:Y 321
Statistical process control for monitoring nonlinear profiles: A Six Sigma project on curing process 314:Y 323
Statistical engineering: Six decades of improved process and systems performance 319:Y 327
Comparative analysis of quality function deployment methodologies: A case study analysis 323:Y 331
Management system design for sustainable excellence: Framework, practices and considerations 329:Y 333
The road to maturity: Process management and integration of strategic human resources processes 339:Y 337
A framework for integrated analysis of quality defects in supply chain 351:A 341
Improving on excellence: Mayo Clinic and the path to quality 490:B 343
Systems with multiple data sources: A case study on making statistical tools accessible to engineers 510:Y 347
Confidence intervals for measures of precision in inter-laboratory studies with finite populations 511:Y 351
Error variance estimation via least squares for small sample nonparametric regression 515:Y 353
Design for variation 515:Y 355
Finding test statistic thresholds using simulation and model fitting with an application to radiation detection 519:Y 359
Designed experiments for the defense community 520:Y 361
Data transformations with a full 26 experimental design: A metal-cutting case study 520:Y 363
I-optimal versus D-optimal split-plot response surface designs 525:Y 365
Robust designs for Poisson regression models 549:Y 367
The half-half plot 552:Y 369
Statistical engineering: Principles and examples 590:B 371
Improved probabilistic prediction of healthcare performance indicators using bidirectional smoothing models 670:B 373
The relationship between SERVQUAL, national customer satisfaction indices, and consumer sentiment 670:S 375
The Q.LIFE engine: A work of statistical engineering 680:T 379
Thresholds for error probability measures of business process models 690:Y 383
Chopin, mazurkas and Markov: Making music in style with statistics 690:Z 387
Form errors in precision metrology: A survey of measurement techniques 790:Y 389
Bayesian Inference and prediction or order statistics for a Type II censored Weibull distribution 820:Y 391
Confidence bands for the reliability function of a two-parameter exponential model 820:Y 393
Experiments for reliability achievement 830:Y 395
Optimal inspection of a complex system subject to periodic and opportunistic inspections and preventive replacements 840:Y 397
Use of warranty and reliability data to inform call center Staffing 860:Y 399