QCAS / Volume 58 / Issue 5-6

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Likelihood-based EWMA charts for monitoring Poisson count data with time-varying sample sizes 110:Y 429
T2 control charts with variable dimension 110:Y 431
A binomial GLR control chart for monitoring a proportion 110:Y 433
Two nonparametric control charts for detecting arbitrary distribution changes 110:Y 435
Construction of control charts based on six sigma initiatives for fraction defectives with varying sample size 110:Y 437
Maximum-likelihood-based diagnostics after a signal from control charts 110:Y 439
The monitoring of linear profiles with a GLR control chart 111:Y 441
A variable-selection-based multivariate EWMA chart for process monitoring and diagnosis 111:Y 443
Distribution-free exponentially weighted moving average control charts for monitoring unknown location 111:Y 445
A robust standard deviation control chart 111:Y 447
Adaptive generalized likelihood ratio control charts for detecting unknown patterned mean shifts 111:Y 449
A comparison of decision method for C_pk when data are auto- correlated 120:Y 451
The moderating effects of supplier portfolio characteristics on the competitive performance impacts of supplier-facing process capabilities 120:Y 453
A Bayesian approach for interpreting mean shifts in multivariate quality control 130:Y 455
Sequential sampling in the search for new shared species 210:B 457
Finite population corrections for multivariate Bayes sampling 210:Y 459
Variance bounds for the design of audit sampling 210:Y 461
A simulation-based evaluation of the asymptotic power formulas for Cox models in small sample cases 210:Y 463
Ranked set sampling and Rao-Hartley-Cochran strategies using the randomized procedure of Ryu-Kim-He-Park 210:Y 465
Capture-recapture sampling and indirect sampling 210:Y 467
Composite partial likelihood estimation under length-biased sampling, with application to a prevalent cohort study of dementia 210:Y 469
Sampling designs via a multivariate hypergeometric–Dirichlet process model for a multi-species assemblage with unknown heterogeneity 210:Y 471
The equivalence of Neyman optimum allocation for sampling and equal proportions for apportioning the US House of Representatives 210:Z 473
Single, double and multiple sampling plans: Hypergeometric distribution 220:Y 477
Some theory for propensity-score-adjustment estimators in survey sampling 230:Y 479
An extension of the Wilcoxon rank sum test for complex sample survey data 230:Y 481
Data collection: Experiences and lessons learned by asking sensitive questions in remote coca growing region in Peru 230:Y 483
A three-stage optional randomized model 230:Y 485
Management challenges of the 2010 US Census 230:Y 487
Collecting survey data during armed conflict 230:Y 489
Some optimality issues in estimating two-stage optional randomized response models 230:Y 491
Calibrated Bayes, an alternative inferential paradigm for official statistics 230:Y 493
Homogeneity test, sample size determination and interval construction of two proportions in stratified bilateral-sample designs 240:Y 495
Costs and savings of Six Sigma programs: An empirical study 314:A 497
The role of experience in six sigma project success: An empirical analysis of improvement projects 314:Y 499
Six Sigma adoption: Operating performance impacts and contextual drivers of success 314:Y 501
CEO attitudes and motivations: Are they different for high-performing organizations? 333:A 505
Eradicating inconsistency 342:Z 507
The role of national culture on relationships between customers’ perception of quality, values, satisfaction, and behavioral intentions 350:A 509
An economic order quantity model for nonconforming quality products 352:Y 513
An omnibus test of goodness-of-fit for conditional distributions with applications to regression models 511:Y 515
Two-sample tests for comparing measurement systems 511:Y 517
Empirical Bayes false coverage rate controlling confidence intervals 511:Y 519
A general procedure for estimating the mean using double sampling for stratification and multi-auxiliary information 512:Y 523
Causality, mediation and time: A dynamic view point 512:Y 525
Semiparametric estimation methods for the accelerated failure time mixture cure model 512:Y 527
Bayesian inference for finite population quantiles from unequal probability samples 512:Y 529
Mixed effects designs: The symmetry assumption and missing data 513:Y 531
Inliers detection in Pareto distribution 519:Y 533
Is Birdsong Music? 519:Z 535
A Bayesian nonparametric model for Taguchi’s on-line quality monitoring procedure for attributes 520:Y 537
Response surfaces, blocking and split plots: An industrial experiment case study 525:Y 539
Optimal designs for quantile regression models 540:Y 541
Nonparametric regression when estimating the probability of success: A comparison of four extant estimators 549:Y 543
The attraction of the sizzle: A service investment model 670:A 545
Metamodel for service analysis and design based on an operational view of service and service systems 670:Y 549
Value cocreation and service systems (Re)formation: A service ecosystems view 670:Y 551
Bayesian inference for power law processes with applications in repairable systems 820:Y 553
LASSO and shrinkage estimation in Weibull censored regression models 820:Y 555
Bayesian estimation of reliability for batches of high reliability single-use parts 820:Y 557
Optimal production and inspection strategy of an integrated economic model for imperfect production system 830:Y 559
Degradation-based burn-in with preventive maintenance 840:Y 561
Proportional hazards model for competing risks data with missing cause of failure 860:Y 565
Monitoring warranty claims with Cusums 860:Y 567
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