QCAS / Volume 58 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
Bayesian approach to change point estimation in multivariate SPC 190:Y 185
On sample allocation for efficient domain estimation 210:Y 189
Large-sample tests of extreme-value dependence for multi-variate copulas 210:Y 191
Randomized nomination sampling for finite populations 210:Y 195
Selection of the double sampling plan through quality regions 220:Y 197
Sample size estimation for alternating logistic regressions analysis of multilevel randomized community trials of under- age drinking 240:Y 199
Innovation, quality engineering and statistics 310:Y 203
The moderating role of contextual factors on quality management practices 310:Y 205
Insights on the Future of quality management research 319:A 209
Using quality function deployment to write an ISO standard for QFD 323:Y 213
Prioritizing improvement projects: Benefits and efforts (B & E) analysis 329:Y 215
The audit answer: DMAIC is used to develop an audit system for higher education continuous improvement 341:Y 217
Relationship between quality management practices and innovation 490:Y 219
Statistical engineering perspective on planetary entry, descent, and landing research 510:Y 223
Aerospace research through statistical engineering 510:Y 225
Comparison of two wood plastic composite extruders using bootstrap confidence intervals on measurements of sample failure data 511:Y 229
Similarity of multivariate methods to establish microarray quality control standards 515:Y 231
Fraud in clinical trials: Detecting it and preventing it 520:B 233
Optimum design of experiments for statistical inference 520:Y 235
Rethinking the optimal response surface design for a first- order model with two-factor interactions, when protecting against curvature 525:Y 237
A retrospective view of mixture experiments 529:Y 241
Nonparametric regression with cross – classified responses 549:Y 243
Leadership – Essential for developing the discipline of statistical engineering 590:Y 245
Setting appropriate fill weight targets – A statistical engineering case study 660:Y 247
Process quality improvement: An examination of general vs. outcome-specific climate and practices in hospitals 670:B 251
Statistical engineering to stabilize vaccine supply 690:B 255
Quality quandaries: An efficient public sector 690:Y 259
Adjusting ROC curves for covariates in the presence of verification bias 820:Y 263
Failure rates of consecutive k-out-of-n systems 820:Y 265
New strategies for reliability analysis of programmable logic controllers 820:Y 267
An enhanced parenting process: Predicting reliability in product’s design phase 830:Y 271