OR/MS / Volume 51 / Issue 3

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Cross-national differences in aviation safety records Aa:000 187
An empirical investigation of environmental performance and the market value of the firm Ae:110 191
Acquisitions and real options: The greenfield alternative Af:000 195
The triple helix perspective of innovation systems Af:100 199
The dynamic influence of social capital on the international growth of new ventures Ag:110 203
Energy transition and city–region planning: Understanding the spatial politics of systemic change Ag:220 207
Supply quality management with wholesale price and revenue-sharing contracts under horizontal competition Ah:100 209
The integration of human resource and operation management practices and its link with performance: A longitudinal latent class study Bd:130 211
To wait or not to wait – and who goes first? Delay management with priority decisions Bz:100 215
Planning a TV advertising campaign: A crisp multiobjective programming model from fuzzy basic data Cb:000 217
DEA-based production planning Cb:150 221
Scheduling problems with two competing agents to minimize minmax and minsum earliness measures Cc:000 223
Congestion pricing for schedule-based transit networks Cc:230 225
New lower bounds for bin packing problems with conflicts Cd:000 229
Optimal investment for worst-case crash scenarios: A Martingale approach Cd:110 231
An adaptive optimization method for chop saw systems Cd:150 233
The traveling salesman problem with pickups, deliveries and handling costs Cg:100 237
Communication channels, innovation tasks and NPD project outcomes in innovation-driven horizontal networks Cz:100 241
Facilitated modeling in operational research Db:000 245
Satisfactory graph partition, variants and generalizations Dc:000 249
Modeling customer impatience in a newsboy problem with time-sensitive shortages Dd:130 251
A decision support system to deal with the medical isotope crisis Ea:220 253
Financial crises and bank failures: A review of prediction methods Eb:110 255
The hyperbolic factor: A measure of time inconsistency Ef:000 259
Demand for health risk reductions: A cross-national comparison between the US and Canada Ef:220 261
Sequencing questions to ferret out terrorists: Models and heuristics Ez:250 265
Assessing socially disruptive technological change Fc:160 269
Mobile phones and economic development in Africa Ff:220 273
A look into the future of wireless mobile communication technologies Fz:250 277
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