QCAS / Volume 63 / Issue 5-6

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A distribution-free multivariate control chart 111:Y 369
CUSUM charts with controlled conditional performance under estimated parameters 119:Y 373
A class of process capability indices for asymmetric tolerances 130:Y 377
Monitoring multivariate process variability when sub-group size is small 130:Y 381
Practitioner advice: ERLDAT-A web-based tool to design and analyze EWMA control charts 190:Y 385
A Phase II nonparametric adaptive exponentially weighted moving average control chart 190:Y 387
Self-starting monitoring scheme for Poisson count data with varying population sizes 190:Y 391
The economic and economic-statistical designs of Hotelling’s T2 chart on expected average run length 190:Y 395
Robust inference in sample selection models 210:Y 397
Outcome-dependent sampling design and inference for Cox’s proportional hazards model 210:Y 399
Algorithm-based distribution of two-sample statistics 210:Y 403
Low resource gage screening 230:M 405
Does more balanced survey response imply less non-response bias? 230:Y 409
Quality assurance in the Portuguese census: The contribution of the balanced scorecard 230:Y 413
A short note on the effect of sample size on the estimation error in Cp 240:Y 415
Weighted inspection sampling methods based on winsorization 290:Y 417
Portfolio risk management using Six Sigma quality principles 314:Y 419
One size does not fit all: Utilizing quality function deployment for course design 323:T 421
Patient satisfaction with healthcare services: A critical review 350:B 425
The role of strategic planning in implementing a total quality management framework: An empirical view 410:Y 429
Designing lean processes with improved service quality: An application in financial services 430:S 431
Prioritizing quality of product and service dimensions with respect to a product-service system in the public transport sector 490:S 435
Analyzing behavioral big data – Methodological, practical, ethical and moral issues 510:Y 437
Confidence intervals for the two-parameter exponential reliability with Type II censored data 511:Y 439
Simultaneous confidence intervals for comparisons of several multinomial samples 511:Y 441
Statistical inference for stochastic processes: Two-sample hypothesis tests 511:Y 443
Improved estimation of population mean in the presence of nonresponse and measurement error 512:Y 445
Generalized variable inference for the expected winning bids 512:Y 447
Understanding variation: Correctly assessing variation is fundamental to sound decisions 515:Y 449
Variational Bayes with intractable likelihood 515:Y 453
Quality quandaries: Understanding aspects influencing different types of multiple response optimization 519:Y 455
Bayesian design of experiments for generalized linear models and dimensional analysis with industrial and scientific application 520:Y 457
Sequential designs for repeated-measures experiments 523:Y 459
A solution selection approach to multiresponse surface optimization based on clustering method 525:Y 461
Trellis plots as visual aids for analyzing split plot experiments 529:Y 465
Estimation of the population size by using the one-inflated positive Poisson model 590:Y 467
Efficient inventory control for imperfect quality items 660:M 469
SNSQUAL: A social networking site quality model 690:Y 473
Optimizing a complex world: A statistician’s role in decision making 790:Y 477
Multiple objective optimization in reliability demonstration tests 810:Y 481
An improved FMEA method based on the linguistic weighted geometric operator and fuzzy priority 820:Y 483
Bayesian reliability: Combining information 820:Y 487
Heuristics for managing trainable binary inspection systems 820:Y 489
Field reliability modeling based on two-dimensional warranty data with censoring times 830:Y 493
Estimating a service-life distribution based on production counts and a failure database 830:Y 497
Availability and cost-centered preventive maintenance scheduling of continuous operating series systems using multi-objective genetic algorithm: A case study 840:Y 499
Quality quandaries: Combining engineering and statistics to assess the probability of an event 890:Y 501
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