OR/MS / Volume 48 / Issue 3

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Today’s solution and tomorrow’s problem: The business process outsourcing risk management puzzle Af:130 241
Process innovativeness in technology services organizations: Roles of differentiation strategy, operational autonomy and risk-taking propensity Af:160 243
Fairness from the top: Perceived procedural justice and collaborative problem solving in new product development Af:170 245
Size really matters – new insights for start-ups’ survival Af:170 249
Fairness from the top: Perceived procedural justice and collaborative problem solving in new product development Af:170 253
Wintel: Cooperation and conflict Af:280 257
Workplace design: A new managerial imperative Ag:130 261
It’s more than a desk: Working smarter through leveraged office design Ag:130 263
Organizational ecology and knowledge networks Ag:170 265
Service and cost benefits through clicks-and-mortar integration: Implications for the centralization/decentralization debate Ah:100 267
Impact of product pricing and timing of investment decisions on supply chain co-opetition Ah:100 269
The development of organizational social capital: Attributes of family firms Bc:130 273
Belbin’s team role model: Development, validity and applications for team building Bc:130 277
Binary fuzzy goal programming Cb:000 281
A fuzzy goal programming approach to multi-objective optimization problem with priorities Cb:000 285
Scheduling in an assembly-type production chain with batch transfer Cc:150 287
A robust optimization model for production planning of perishable products Cd:150 289
Using USCAP’s analytical models, the Transportation Security Administration balances the impacts of aviation security policies on passengers and airlines Db:250 291
Travelocity becomes a travel retailer Db:250 295
OR and the challenge to improve the NHS: Modelling for insight and improvement in in-patient flows De:220 299
Mixing methodologies to enhance the implementation of healthcare operational research De:220 303
How much information do we need? Ea:000 307
A simple graphical decision aid for the placement of elderly people in long-term care Ea:220 309
Robust portfolio planning in the presence of market anomalies Eb:110 313
Optimized enterprise risk management Ef:110 315
Strategic technology choice and capacity investment under demand uncertainty Fa:150 319
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) – A brief history Fa:160 323
Evaluating software project portfolio risks Fa:160 325
Managing internet product returns: A focus on effective service operations Fc:100 329
Linking e-service quality and markups: The role of imperfect information in the supply chain Fc:110 331
An empirical analysis of risk components and performance on software projects Fe:160 333
Experimental use of code delta, code churn and rate of change to understand software product line evolution Fe:160 337
Nanotechnologies: What we do not know Ff:000 341
Emerging wireless technologies for developing countries Ff:160 345
Rules rather than discretion: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina Z:220 349
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