QCAS / Volume 66 / Issue 1-2

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Combining cluster sampling and link-tracing sampling to estimate the size of a hidden population: Asymptotic properties of the estimators 210:Y 11
Small area estimation under informative sampling and not missing at random non-response 210:Y 13
Estimation of mean residual life based on ranked set sampling 210:Y 15
An omnibus two-sample test for ranked-set sampling data 210:Y 17
Determinantal sampling designs 220:Y 19
Multistage acceptance sampling under nonparametric dependent sampling designs 220:Y 21
The zig-zag process and super-efficient sampling for Bayesian analysis of big data 220:Y 23
Sample size calculations for blinding assessment 240:Y 27
Bayesian sample size determination for longitudinal studies with continuous response based on different scientific questions of interest 240:Y 29
Reducing sample size needed for accelerated failure time model using more efficient sampling methods 240:Y 31
Sample size calculations for comparing two groups of count data 240:Y 33
Determinant of a sample correlation matrix with application 290:Y 35
Applying a fuzzy questionnaire in a peer review process 334:A 37
ISO 9001 certification and failure risk: Any relationship? 342:Y 39
Assessment and improvement of organizational social impact through EFQM Excellence Model 349:Y 43
The impact of technological innovation on product quality: The moderating role of firm size 390:Y 47
A framework of quality management practices for Indian service SMEs 410:Y 49
Organizational culture and TQM implementation: Investigating the mediating influences of multidimensional employee readiness for change 410:Y 53
Quality costs in practice and an analysis of the factors affecting quality cost management 440:Y 57
Construction of row-column factorial designs 510:Y 59
Approximate confidence intervals for the likelihood ratios of a binary diagnostic test in the presence of partial disease verification 511:B 61
Adjustments of multi-sample U-statistics to right censored data and confounding covariates 511:Y 65
A scalable nonparametric specification testing for massive data 511:Y 67
Linear hypothesis testing with functional data 511:Y 69
Empirical likelihood inference for semi-parametric transformation models with length-biased sampling 512:Y 71
General local rank estimation for single-index varying coefficient models 512:Y 73
Covariate-assisted ranking and screening for large-scale two-sample inference 512:Y 75
A general framework for quantile estimation with incomplete data 513:Y 77
A new test for functional one-way ANOVA with applications to ischemic heart screening 515:B 81
Two-sample and ANOVA tests for high dimensional means 515:Y 85
Generalizing evidence from randomized trials using inverse probability of sampling weights 519:Y 89
Semiparametric model for bivariate survival data subject to biased sampling 519:Y 91
Most recent changepoint detection in panel data 519:Y 93
Replication or exploration? Sequential design for stochastic simulation experiments 520:Y 95
Using individual factor information in fractional factorial designs 524:Y 97
Optimal design of experiments for non-linear response surface models 525:Y 99
An integer linear programing approach to find trend-robust run orders of experimental designs 529:Y 101
A nonparametric Bayesian methodology for regression discontinuity designs 551:Y 105
Universities and smart cities: The challenges to high quality 680:T 107
The rise of risk management in the universities: A new way to understand quality in university management 680:T 111
Has the quality of teaching and learning processes improved as a result of the implementation of quality assurance coordinated by the state? 680:T 115
The relationship among learning outcome measures used in higher education 680:T 119
Quality management of research, development and innovation activities in Finnish universities of applied sciences 680:T 123
Reliability and interdependent suppliers 810:Y 127
Conditional inspection and maintenance of a system with two interacting components 810:Y 129
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