Perfect sampling for nonhomogeneous Markov chains and hidden Markov models
Using ranked set sampling with cluster randomized designs for improved inference on treatment effects
Sample size and power of survival trials in group sequential design with delayed treatment effect
Dense graph limits under respondent-driven sampling
The screening and ranking algorithm for change-points detection in multiple samples
RAPTT: An exact two-sample test in high dimensions using random projections
Parsimonious and efficient likelihood composition by Gibbs sampling
Global corporation rollout of ruggedized handheld devices: A Lean Six Sigma case study
Quality management in heavy duty manufacturing industry: TQM vs. Six Sigma
Implementation of continuous improvement based on Lean Six Sigma in small- and medium-sized enterprises
Lean Six Sigma and innovation: An exploratory study among UK organisations
A paired-test method to verify service speed improvement in the Six Sigma approach: A restaurant’s case study
Creating ambidexterity through quality management
Testing the dimensionality of the quality management construct
Modern analytics and the future of quality and performance excellence
Application of SERVQUAL and fuzzy quality function deployment to service improvement in service centres of electronics companies
A performance measurement framework for service-oriented marketing
Valuation of the option of abandoning ISO 9001 certification: An empirical study in Spain
Applying the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria: An approach to strengthen organizational memory and process innovation
How can social networking sites help build customer loyalty? An empirical investigation
Bypassing the dinosaurs? How middle managers become the missing link in lean implementation
Key success factors for quality management implementation: Evidence from the public sector
Motivations for implementing TQM through the EFQM model in Spain: An empirical investigation
TQM in public administration organizations: An application of data envelopment analysis in the police service
A simple two-sample Bayesian t-test for hypothesis testing
Data-driven confidence interval estimation incorporating prior information with an adjustment for skewed data
A meta-analysis of missing data and non-compliance data in clinical endpoint bioequivalence studies
Generalizing quantile regression for counting process with applications to recurrent events
Bayesian nonparametric longitudinal data analysis
The role of perceived quality risk in pricing remanufactured products
How to implement and apply robust design: Insights from industrial practice
SEM of service quality to predict overall patient satisfaction in medical clinics: A case study
Guiding the guides: Developing indicators of tour guides’ service quality
Key performance indicators measurement in service business: A fuzzy VIKOR approach
Quality assurance and its impact from higher education institutions’ perspectives: Methodological approaches, experiences and expectations
Guiding and modeling quality improvement in higher education institutions
Practice what you preach: Quality of education in education on quality
Exploring drivers of student satisfaction and dissatisfaction: An assessment of impact-asymmetry and impact-range
Assimilation or contrast? Status inequality, judgment of product quality and product choices in markets
A conceptual framework for the implementation of quality management systems
Do integrated products and services increase customer satisfaction? The case of the mobile industry in Korea
Estimation of DPMO and EGPMO for higher-the-better and lower-the-better quality characteristics for quality evaluation
Framework for the generic process of diagnosis in quality problem solving
Quality excellence in complex supply networks: EFQM excellence model reconsidered
The latent state hazard model, with application to wind turbine reliability
Standardization of quality and reliability tests in the auto-parts industry: A structured approach concerning thermal systems
A semiparametric software reliability model for analysis of a bug-database with multiple defect types
Modularity’s impact on the quality and productivity of embedded software development: A case study in a Hong Kong company
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