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An application of the linear errors-in-variables model in semiconductor device performance assessment
Another look at the EWMA control chart with estimated parameters
Escaping from an attractor: Importance sampling and rest points I
Two-stage plans for estimating the inverse of a monotone function
Estimating population size using the network scale up method
Sample size considerations in clinical trials when comparing two interventions using multiple co-primary binary relative risk contrasts
On the question of effective sample size in network modeling: An asymptotic Inquiry
An adaptive resampling test for detecting the presence of significant predictors
Bounds on treatment effects in the presence of sample selection and noncompliance: The wage effects of Job Corps
Subsampling bootstrap of count features of networks
Small-sample adjustments for tests of moderators and model fit using robust variance estimation in meta-regression
A practical approach to data mining: I have all these data; now what should I do?
The generalized multiset sampler
Why and how TQM leads to performance improvements
Integrated management systems towards sustainable and socially responsible organisation
Cost-quality tradeoff in healthcare: Does it affect patient experience?
Virtual teams: Cultural adaptation, communication quality and interpersonal trust
Testing for motivation to engage in improvements: A conceptual framework and an initial empirical test
Effects of perceived organization support, employee engagement and organization citizenship behavior on quality performance
Managing contract manufacturer quality in the presence of performance ambiguity
Healthcare performance excellence: A comparison of Baldrige Award recipients and competitors
Total quality management practices and performance outcomes in Spanish service companies
TQM practices and knowledge management: A multi-group analysis of constructs and structural invariance between the manufacturing and service sectors
Emerging megatrends in quality engineering and the ā€œNew5Sā€ response
How Slovak small and medium manufacturing enterprises maintain quality costs: An empirical study and proposal for a suitable model
Statistical and computational challenges in whole genome prediction and genome-wide association analyses for plant and animal breeding
The conditional in-control performance of self-starting control charts
A comparison of two-sample tests of significance when used with variable treatment effects
Model specification and confidence intervals for voice communication
Comparison of test sizing approaches for initial and follow-on evaluation of strategic weapon systems
Statistical methods for estimating the minimum thickness along a pipeline
Randomized controlled field trials of predictive policing
Bayesian estimation of the DINA model with Gibbs sampling
Split-block split-plot experimental design to assess corrosion in medium carbon steel
Optimal design of blocked experiments in the presence of supplementary information about the blocks
Response surface methodology using split-plot definitive screening designs
A case study in mixture design: Multi response optimization of glaze formulation
Some ideas on why factorial designs are seldom used for full-scale experiments in continuous production processes
Some counterclaims undermine themselves in observational studies
Statistical significance of clustering using soft thresholding
Case studies: Definitive screening applied to a simulation study of the F100-229 engine repair network
Nonparametric confidence intervals for monotone functions
Fighting healthcare fraud with statistics
Quality quandaries: Increasing the first time fix rate in a customer contact center
Constructing innovative service quality for department stores
An application of the performance-evaluation model for e-learning quality in higher education
Effects of clinical pathway implementation on medical quality and patient satisfaction
Research on product quality control in Chinese online shopping: Based on the uncertainty mitigating factors of product quality
Improving reliability understanding through estimation and prediction with usage information
The constant shape parameter assumption in Weibull regression
The loss of Malaysia Flight 370
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