CUSUM statistical monitoring of M/M/1 queues and extensions
Statistical process control methods for monitoring in-house reference standards
Asymptotics for in-sample density forecasting
Using retrospective sampling to estimate models of relationship status in large longitudinal social networks
Prioritization of alternatives with analytical hierarchy process plus response latency and web surveys
Motives, success factors, and planned activities in a community of innovation as a critical mass system
Six S: Creating an efficient and safer work environment
An evaluation of effectiveness of the software projects developed through Six Sigma methodology
Quality quandaries: Realizing strategic focal points at a business school
Which incremental innovations should we offer? Comparing importance-performance analysis with improvement-gaps analysis
Quality management and a balanced scorecard as supporting frameworks for a new management model and organizational change
Reducing the voluntary turnover rate of dispatched employees by the DMAIC process
Improving the quality of meetings using music
The revitalising effect of ISO 9001 on dissatisfied customers
The influence of ISO 9000 certification on process compliance
Slovenian national excellence award and total quality management deployment in Slovenian companies
The effects of total quality management and organizational learning on business performance: Evidence from Taiwanese insurance industries
Antecedents of TQM implementation capability: A review with a conceptual model
The effect of creating new secondary health services on patients’ perceptions: a Kano service quality analysis approach
The level of management maturity in the Polish food sector and its relation to financial performance
Confidence interval construction for the Youden index based on partially validated series
Approximate maximum likelihood estimation of the autologistic model
An evaluation of empirical Bayes’s estimation of value-added teacher performance measures
Developing a scalable model to analyze expanding data sets
Process optimization through designed experiments to achieve consistency in output color of a compounded plastic grade
A hybrid model for combining case–control and cohort studies in systematic reviews of diagnostic tests
A Gaussian pseudolikelihood approach for quantile regression with repeated measurements
B-spline approach for failure detection and diagnosis on railway point mechanisms case study
Employees’ national culture and service quality: An integrative review
What service excellence can learn from business excellence models
A study on education quality using the Taguchi method
Quality management system for health care and its effectiveness
Binomial reliability demonstration tests with dependent data
Analysis of an intervention for small unmanned aerial system (SUAS) accidents: A case study involving Simpson’s Paradox
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