Risk-adjusted cumulative sum charting procedure based on multiresponses
Importance sampling in stochastic programming: A Markov Chain Monte Carlo approach
Model-based sampling design for multivariate geostatistics
Sample size methods for constructing confidence intervals for intra-class correlation coefficient
Organisational performance and innovation in the context of a total quality management philosophy: An empirical investigation
Change of the quality management culture through health-promotion activities?
Six Sigma diplomacy: The impact of Six Sigma on national patterns of corporate culture
What sparks quality-driven change programmes in not-for-profit service sector? Some evidence from the voluntary sector
Three decades of continuous improvement
Modelling continuous improvement maturity in the public sector: Key stages and indicators
Multidimensional and mediating relationships between TQM, role conflict and role ambiguity: A role theory perspective
Motivations and barriers affecting the implementation of ISO 14001 in Saudi Arabia: An empirical investigation
Standards as catalyst for national innovation and performance: A capability assessment framework for latecomer countries
Impact of ISO 9001 certification cancellation on business performance: A case study in Slovenian organizations
Compliance–innovation: Integrating quality and compliance knowledge and practice
Improving hospital performance by use of lean techniques: An action research project in Brazil
The path to excellence of the Portuguese organisations recognised by the EFQM model
Towards an extended set of production line performance indicators
A learning alliance for robust design in product development: The case of Volvo 3P and Chalmers University of Technology
Resampling calibrated adjusted empirical likelihood
Higher criticism for large-scale inference, especially for rare and weak effects
The uncertainty of storm season changes: Quantifying the uncertainty of autocovariance changepoints
Analysis of sequence data under multivariate trait-dependent sampling
Universally optimal designs for two interference models
Accounting for nonrandomly sampled data in nonlinear regression
Bayesian inference for multivariate meta-regression with a partially observed within-study sample covariance matrix
Resampling Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms: Basic analysis and empirical comparisons
Hospital service quality preferences among culture diversity
Quality-of-service-aware service selection: A novel approach considering potential service failures and nondeterministic service values
Service quality management and ecosystem theory
How perceived service quality influences students’ satisfaction? Teachers’ and students’ perspectives
Combined analysis of accelerated fixed stress lab and varying stress field data
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