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A quality by design approach for longitudinal quality attributes
Analytical procedure validation and the quality by design paradigm
Numerically accelerated importance sampling for nonlinear non-Gaussian state-space models
Diagnostics for respondent-driven sampling
Aggregation bias in sponsored search data: The curse and the cure
On species sampling sequences induced by residual allocation models
Converting survey results from four-point to five-point scale: A case study
Capturing cash
Roadmap to savings
Six Sigma: Hints from practice to overcome difficulties
Carried away: Military used DFSS and quality engineering to design the next generation of medevac helicopters
Quality quandaries: Improving revenue by attracting more clients online
Examining relationships between quality management and organizational performance in transitional economies
The impact of ISO certification on consumers’ purchase intention
Utilization of business process models in managerial practice: An empirical study in Slovak companies certified to the ISO 9001 standard
A study of the Baldrige Award framework using the applicant scoring data
ISO 9001 European scoreboard: An instrument to measure macroquality
A business process management capabilities perspective on organization performance
Total quality management principles: Implementation experience from Mexican organisations
The application of the theory of constraints and activity-based costing to business excellence: The case of automotive electronics manufacture firms
Survey research on quality costs and problems in the construction environment
Quality quandaries: Improving the overall equipment effectiveness at a pharmaceutical company
Computer experiments with qualitative and quantitative variables: A review and reexamination
A sequential test for variable selection in high dimensional complex data
Test and estimation in binary data analysis under an incomplete block crossover design
Conditional inferential models: Combining information for prior-free probabilistic inference
Bayesian analysis of measurement error models using integrated nested Laplace approximations
Bayesian inference for transportation origin–destination matrices: The Poisson–inverse Gaussian and other Poisson mixtures
Empirical likelihood based weighted GMM estimation with missing response at random
Bayesian inference for palaeoclimate with time uncertainty and stochastic volatility
Variance function partially linear single-index models
Joint analysis of longitudinal and survival data measured on nested timescales by using shared parameter models: An application to fecundity data
Estimation for semiparametric transformation models with length-biased sampling
Matched case-control study with reporting bias
Higher order response-adaptive urn designs for clinical trials with highly successful treatments
Extended mixed-level super saturated designs
Simultaneous confidence bands for a percentile line in linear regression
Confidence bands in non- parametric errors-in-variables regression
Recent advances in process monitoring: Nonparametric and variable-selection methods for phase I and phase II
Bayesian semiparametric analysis of semicompeting risks data: Investigating hospital readmission after a pancreatic cancer diagnosis
Improving operations performance through TQM in the post - financial crisis era: An exploratory case study of a multinational IM firm in the Greater China region
Exploring perceived service quality, perceived value, and repurchase intention in higher education using structural equation modelling
Development and validation of a measure of the quality management practices in education
Beyond SERVQUAL: The competitive forces of higher education in Singapore
Teaching quality in higher education: An introductory review on a process-oriented teaching-quality model
A framework for analyzing higher education performance: Students’ satisfaction, perceived learning outcomes, and dropout intentions
An emerging science of improvement in health care
Global estimation of child mortality using a Bayesian B-spline bias-reduction model
Quality assurance test of delivered dose uniformity of multiple-dose inhaler and dry powder inhaler drug products
A first step towards engineer-oriented adaption of the repertory grid technique
The characteristics of information system maintenance: An empirical analysis
Effective approach to quality control for small–medium software companies
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