Likelihood-based EWMA charts for monitoring Poisson count data with time-varying sample sizes
T2 control charts with variable dimension
A binomial GLR control chart for monitoring a proportion
Two nonparametric control charts for detecting arbitrary distribution changes
Construction of control charts based on six sigma initiatives for fraction defectives with varying sample size
Maximum-likelihood-based diagnostics after a signal from control charts
The monitoring of linear profiles with a GLR control chart
A variable-selection-based multivariate EWMA chart for process monitoring and diagnosis
Distribution-free exponentially weighted moving average control charts for monitoring unknown location
A robust standard deviation control chart
Adaptive generalized likelihood ratio control charts for detecting unknown patterned mean shifts
A comparison of decision method for C_pk when data are auto- correlated
The moderating effects of supplier portfolio characteristics on the competitive performance impacts of supplier-facing process capabilities
A Bayesian approach for interpreting mean shifts in multivariate quality control
Sequential sampling in the search for new shared species
Finite population corrections for multivariate Bayes sampling
Variance bounds for the design of audit sampling
A simulation-based evaluation of the asymptotic power formulas for Cox models in small sample cases
Ranked set sampling and Rao-Hartley-Cochran strategies using the randomized procedure of Ryu-Kim-He-Park
Capture-recapture sampling and indirect sampling
Composite partial likelihood estimation under length-biased sampling, with application to a prevalent cohort study of dementia
Sampling designs via a multivariate hypergeometric–Dirichlet process model for a multi-species assemblage with unknown heterogeneity
The equivalence of Neyman optimum allocation for sampling and equal proportions for apportioning the US House of Representatives
Single, double and multiple sampling plans: Hypergeometric distribution
Some theory for propensity-score-adjustment estimators in survey sampling
An extension of the Wilcoxon rank sum test for complex sample survey data
Data collection: Experiences and lessons learned by asking sensitive questions in remote coca growing region in Peru
A three-stage optional randomized model
Management challenges of the 2010 US Census
Collecting survey data during armed conflict
Some optimality issues in estimating two-stage optional randomized response models
Calibrated Bayes, an alternative inferential paradigm for official statistics
Homogeneity test, sample size determination and interval construction of two proportions in stratified bilateral-sample designs
Costs and savings of Six Sigma programs: An empirical study
The role of experience in six sigma project success: An empirical analysis of improvement projects
Six Sigma adoption: Operating performance impacts and contextual drivers of success
CEO attitudes and motivations: Are they different for high-performing organizations?
Eradicating inconsistency
The role of national culture on relationships between customers’ perception of quality, values, satisfaction, and behavioral intentions
An economic order quantity model for nonconforming quality products
An omnibus test of goodness-of-fit for conditional distributions with applications to regression models
Two-sample tests for comparing measurement systems
Empirical Bayes false coverage rate controlling confidence intervals
A general procedure for estimating the mean using double sampling for stratification and multi-auxiliary information
Causality, mediation and time: A dynamic view point
Semiparametric estimation methods for the accelerated failure time mixture cure model
Bayesian inference for finite population quantiles from unequal probability samples
Mixed effects designs: The symmetry assumption and missing data
Inliers detection in Pareto distribution
Is Birdsong Music?
A Bayesian nonparametric model for Taguchi’s on-line quality monitoring procedure for attributes
Response surfaces, blocking and split plots: An industrial experiment case study
Optimal designs for quantile regression models
Nonparametric regression when estimating the probability of success: A comparison of four extant estimators
The attraction of the sizzle: A service investment model
Metamodel for service analysis and design based on an operational view of service and service systems
Value cocreation and service systems (Re)formation: A service ecosystems view
Bayesian inference for power law processes with applications in repairable systems
LASSO and shrinkage estimation in Weibull censored regression models
Bayesian estimation of reliability for batches of high reliability single-use parts
Optimal production and inspection strategy of an integrated economic model for imperfect production system
Degradation-based burn-in with preventive maintenance
Proportional hazards model for competing risks data with missing cause of failure
Monitoring warranty claims with Cusums
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