Two charts: Not one
A control chart for the coefficient of variation
Adaptive sampling enhancement for Hotelling's T2 charts
Merely incidental? Effects of response format on self-reported behavior
Variance estimability and efficiency of a modified systematic sampling
Dropouts on the web: Effects of interest and burden experienced during an online survey
International network of quality assurance agencies in higher education
Quality management: The new challenges
The science of Six Sigma
The link between Six Sigma and quality culture - An empirical study
Six-Sigma and the revival of TQM
Apply Six Sigma to sales and marketing
Self-assessment against business excellence models: A critique and perspective
Evaluating the organizational performance of Taiwanese hospitals using the analytic hierarchy process
Inspection and replenishment policies for systems with inventory record inaccuracy
Pushing quality improvement along supply chains
TQM and higher education: A critical systems perspective on fitness for purpose
The impact of TQM implementation on employee's performance in China - an example of Shanghai Fu-Shing company
Quality improvement and goodwill accumulation in a dynamic duopoly
A class of sequential tests for two-sample composite hypotheses
Testing and merging information for effect size estimation
Tests for assessment of agreement using probability criteria
Ethics, confidentiality and data dissemination
Randomization of neighbor balanced generalized Youden designs
On block designs partially balanced for neighboring competition effects
Correlation and regression analysis of the mean and standard deviation of samples of two from a gamma population
Using graphical diagnostics to deal with bad data
The relationship between interpersonal trust, employee satisfaction and employee loyalty
Does gender moderate the effects of role stress in frontline service jobs?
Improving quality and productivity via stratification: A call center example for forming homogeneous employee groups
Contrasting faculty quality views and practices over a five-year interval
Quality assurance of cross-border higher education
Exploring the efficacy of healthcare quality practices, employee commitment and employee control
Evaluation of statistical protocols for quality control of ecosystem carbon dioxide fluxes
Understanding the antecedents to customer loyalty by applying structural equation modeling
Advances in data combination, analysis and collection for system reliability assessment
Assessing the impact from information systems quality
Measuring the usability of software components
Quantifying software performance, reliability and security: An architecture-based approach
Defect prevention in software processes: An action-based approach
Motor vehicle recalls: Trends, patterns and emerging issues
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