Monitoring paper production using a spectral control chart designed to detect in the presence of multiple cycles
Unit and group-runs chart to identify increases in fraction nonconforming
Using CUSUM control schemes for monitoring quality levels in compound Poisson production environment: The geometric Poisson process
New corrections for old control charts
Parameter estimation and design considerations in prospective applications of the X̄ chart
Optimization of design parameters for X̄ control charts with multiple assignable cause
X̄-charts versus X̄/MR chart combinations: IID cases and non-IID cases
Evaluating and implementing 3-level control charts
A neural network method for modelling the parameters of a CUSUM chart
Supplier selection based on process capability and price analysis
Effect of testing normality on estimating process capability indices
Testing process capability based on Cpm in the presence of random measurement errors
Quantitative techniques to evaluate process stability
Use SPC for everyday work processes
Inference for domains under imputation for missing survey data
Confidence limits for estimates of totals from stratified samples, with application to Medicare Part B overpayment audits
Improved ratio estimators in stratified sampling
Sample-size-restrictive adaptive sampling: An application in estimating localized elements
Sub-sampling the non-respondents in two-stage sampling over two successive occasions
Repetitive group sampling procedure for variables inspection
On the bias of the multiple-imputation variance estimator in survey sampling
Estimation of sensitive quantitative characteristics in randomized response sampling
On the accuracy of statistical procedures in Microsoft Excel 2003
Empirical likelihood tests for two-sample problems via nonparametric density estimation
A method for determining equivalence in industrial settings: Defining and testing the equivalence of two methods or two laboratories
Bayesian inference for the mean and standard deviation of a normal population when only the sample size, mean and range are observed
Evaluating relationship of consistency ratio and number of alternatives on rank reversal in the AHP
Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis techniques as tools for the quality assessment of composite indicators
Empirical likelihood for parametric model under imputation for missing data
One- and two-sided tolerance intervals for general balanced mixed models and unbalanced one-way random models
Designing field experiments which are subject to representation bias
Tests for balanced incomplete block ranked data with ties
Estimating the conditional variance of Y, given X, in a simple regression model
Time series forecasting using flexible neural tree model
Modeling and managing the percentage of satisfied customers in hidden and revealed waiting line systems
Nationwide branching and its impact on market structure, quality and bank performance
An economic analysis for product and process design
On some reliability measures and their stochastic orderings for the Topp-Leone distribution
Gas system failure rate
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