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An alternative approach to multivariate EWMA control chart
Two improved runs rules for the Shewart X̄ control chart
The generally weighted moving average control chart for monitoring the process median
Calculating the (almost) exact control limits for a C-chart
Assessing capability for hole location
On statistical process control design
CUSUM method in predicting regime shifts and its performance in different stock markets allowing for transaction fees
Designing and construction of tightened-normal-tightened variables sampling scheme
Exact sampling with highly uniform point sets
Quality on its way to maturity: Results of the European Conference on Quality and Methodology in Official Statistics (Q2004)
Emotional intelligence and Six Sigma
Designing new housing at the University of Miami: A "Six Sigma" DMADV/DFSS case study
An operational and institutional perspective on total quality management
Analysis of ordered categorical data using expected loss minimization
Core roles in a strategic quality system
A fuzzy optimization model for QFD planning process using analytic network approach
Optimizing the formation of the quality improvement teams through a data mining-based methodology
Making it look over easy
Employee and patient focus earns the Baldrige
Methodology for customer relationship management
Simple tools for complex systems
Principal directions of the general Pareto distribution with applications
An empirical investigation into the distribution of flatness measurements
Model diagnostics for Bayesian networks
New frontiers in the design of experiments
Is time-series-based predictability evident in real time?
No humble pie: The origins and usage of a statistical chart
Reputation, certification, warranties and information remedies for seller-buyer information asymmetries: Lessons from the online comic book market
Design evaluation of air gap in a ceiling fan - A simulation case study
Statistical engineering: A case study
Using computer simulation for surgical care process reengineering in hospitals
Business process redesign in healthcare: Towards a structured approach
Medical errors and quality of care: From control to commitment
The design of optimum component test plans for system reliability
An economic reliability test plan: Log-logistic distribution
On the statistical properties of testing effectiveness measures
Software reliability forecasting by support vector machines with simulated annealing algorithms
Automated goal-oriented classification of failure behaviors for testing XML-based multimedia software applications: An experimental case study
An extended longitudinal study of the effects of a service guarantee