Multivariate control charts for monitoring autocorrelated processes
Measuring banking operation performance by applying a process capability index
Should observations be grouped for effective process monitoring?
Identifiable sampling design for spatial process
On power and sample size calculations for Wald tests in generalized linear models
Size-biased sampling and discrete nonparametric Bayesian inference
Determination of exact sample size in the Bayesian estimation of the difference of two proportions
The effect of lot sizing rules on order variability
Sample size determination for estimating process precision and process loss based on multiple samples with designated accuracy ratio
There is more to quality than continuous improvement: Listening to Plato
Weave Six Sigma into the fabric of an organization
Managing responsibility: What can be learned from the quality movement?
What's wrong with Six Sigma
Measuring educational standards
Sarbanes-Oxley and ISO 9000
An empirical study of the benefits and cost of ISO 9001:2000 compared to ISO 9001/2/3:1994
Theoretical foundation of the EFQM model: The resource-based view
The importance of building social capital
A critique of the concept of a national qualifications framework
Selected quality practices of small manufacturers
The state of business process reengineering: A search for success factors
Using quality management tools to enhance feedback from student evaluations
A Bayesian χ2 test for goodness of fit
Confidence intervals for two sample binomial distribution
Foundations of probabilistic inference with uncertain evidence
A jackknife variance estimator for unequal probability sampling
Designing experiments for causal networks
Using genetic algorithms to generate mixture-process experimental designs involving control and noise variables
Corrected confidence intervals for adaptive nonlinear regression models
Runs tests for assessing volatility forecastability in financial time series
Robustness against separation and outliers in logistic regression
Factor analysis in data mining
Perspectives on quality assurance in higher education in Norway
Patient satisfaction in preoperative assessment clinic: An analysis using SERVQUAL dimensions
The effects of severity of failure and customer loyalty on service recovery strategies
External examiners in new roles: A case study at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Reliability estimation for exponential distribution
A framework for reliability prediction during product development process incorporating engineering judgements
A software tool for reliability estimation
Quick simulation methods for estimating the unreliability of regenerative models of large, highly reliable systems
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