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Variance control charts based on gamma distribution
Proposed short runs multivariate control charts for the process mean
Variation charts for multivariate processes
Improved control charts for attributes
Evaluating process capability for geometrical toleranced parts: A practical approach
Lot acceptance and compliance testing using the sample mean and an extremum
Evaluating environmental performance using statistical process control techniques
On new and modified ranked set sampling procedures
Safety sampling: A case study
A review of empirical research on total quality management using scale developing methods: An Australian perspective
Understanding the cognitive processes of open-ended categorical questions and their effects on data quality
Virtual inspection: Optimum sample size for POD experiment
Improving the climate of teaching sessions: The use of evaluations of students and instructors
Does the development of mass education necessarily mean the end of quality?
Development of a generic quality function deployment matrix
Quality assessment and the tension between teaching and research
Measuring the dimensions of quality in higher education
Creating a regional learning environment for accelerating company development and growth
A quality career center
Motivation for ISO 14000 certification: Development of a predictive model
Customers: A love/hate relationship?
The quality implications of increasing the number of suppliers
Under-developed applications: Can end users assess quality?
On the use of process management in the third world
Organizational change through quality deposits
Statistical modeling: The two cultures
Data fusion and data grafting
A class of experimental designs for estimating a response surface and variance components
Multistage production to order with rework capability
A survey analysis of service quality for domestic airlines
Connecting the planners and doers
On today's menu: Quality
An interactive decision support system for on-line process control
Process mapping's next step
Reliability analysis by failure mode
A survey of maintenance policies of deteriorating systems
Producing reliable software: An experiment