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Lean and hungry or fat and content? Entrepreneurs’ wealth and start-up performance
Strategies to fight ad-sponsored rivals
Competitiveness and changing patterns of embeddedness in Romania
Diversification, diseconomies of scope, and vertical contracting: Evidence from the taxicab industry
Strategic entry before demand takes off
Deal or no deal: Hormones and the mergers and acquisitions game
Why are bad products so hard to kill?
Exploiting market size in service systems
Improving supply chain performance and managing risk under weather-related demand uncertainty
Improving supply chain performance: Real-time demand information and flexible deliveries
Supplier innovativeness, organizational learning styles and manufacturer performance: An empirical assessment
Does a manufacturer benefit from selling to a better-forecasting retailer?
An experimental test of advice and social learning
Culture clash: The costs and benefits of homogeneity
School, family, neighbourhood: Which is most important to a child’s education?
Coordinated multistage scheduling of parallel batch-processing machines under multiresource constraints
Combination of metaheuristic and exact algorithms for solving set covering-type optimization problems
Staffing call centers with uncertain demand forecasts: A chance-constrained optimization approach
Optimal control and equilibrium behavior of production-inventory systems
Optimal allocation of surgery blocks to operating rooms under uncertainty
Capacity management on long-distance passenger trains of Indian railways
Bicriteria p-hub location problems and evolutionary algorithms
Integrated airline schedule design and fleet assignment: Polyhedral analysis and Benders’ decomposition approach
Macroeconomics after the crisis: Time to deal with the pretense-of-knowledge syndrome
Why bundle discounts can be a profitable alternative to competing on price promotions
Pricing, frills and customer ratings
Cardinal scales for health evaluation
On the pricing of natural gas pipeline capacity
Online prediction under model uncertainty via dynamic model averaging: Application to a cold rolling mill
Structural estimation of the effect of out-of-stocks
Reliable facility location design under the risk of disruptions
Mitigating supply risk: Dual sourcing or process improvement?
Social contagion and information technology diffusion: The adoption of electronic medical records in U.S. hospitals
Foundations for smarter cities
Software assistants for randomized patrol planning for the LAX airport police and the Federal Air Marshal Service
Freedom of privacy: Anonymous data collection with respondent-defined privacy protection
Promises and perils of internet based networking
Information technology, network structure, and competitive action
Complementarities and the demand for home broadband internet services
The effect of signal quality and contiguous word of mouth on customer acquisition for a video-on-demand service
Balancing IT with the human touch: Optimal investment in IT-based customer service
Work-domain knowledge in usability evaluation: Experiences with cooperative usability testing
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