Operational capabilities: The secret ingredient
Market segmentation from a behavioral perspective
Stages of organizational transformation in transition economies: A dynamic capabilities approach
Offshoring sectors: A critical comparison of Mexican maquiladora plants with Indian outsourcing offices
Building long term orientation in buyer–supplier relationships: The moderating role of culture
Strategic interdependence, governance effectiveness and supplier performance: A dyadic case study investigation and theory development
The strategic decision of forest industry supply chains
Does relationship learning lead to relationship value? A cross- national supply chain investigation
The effects of technological turbulence and breadth on supply chain technology acceptance and adoption
Hub group implements a suite of OR tools to improve its operations
To share or not to share? Professional norms, reference groups, and information withholding among life scientists
A critical examination of the relationship between emotional intelligence and transformational leadership
Approximate dynamic programming captures fleet operations for Schneider National
Optimizing helicopter transport of oil rig crews at Petrobras
Lean production control at a high-variety, low-volume parts manufacturer
Queuing model improves IBM’s semiconductor capacity and lead-time management
An integrated model to solve the winter asset and road maintenance problem
Emotional decision-makers and anomalous attitudes towards information
Improving new-product forecasting at Intel Corporation
Inventory control with generalized expediting
Optimal lot size for an item with partial backlogging rate when demand is stimulated by inventory above a certain stock level
Synergies of operations research and data mining
Using administrative data to improve the estimation of immigration to local areas in England
Estimation of international migration flow tables in Europe
How do people value extended warranties? Evidence from two field survey
The effect of perceived novelty on the adoption of information technology innovations: A risk/reward perspective
Do people respond to low probability risk? Evidence from tornado risk and manufactured homes
An analysis of the impact of passenger profiling for transportation security
A knowledge framework underlying process management
Engagement, telepresence and interactivity in online consumer experience: Reconciling scholastic and managerial perspectives
Beyond buying: Motivations behind consumers' online shopping cart use
A proposed model of online consumer behavior: Assessing the role of gender
Website spill over to email campaigns: The role of privacy, trust and shoppers' attitudes
Customer behavior in electronic commerce: The moderating effect of e-purchasing experience
Trust considerations on attitudes towards online purchasing: The moderating effect of privacy and security concerns
Product returns on the Internet: A case of mixed signals?
How corporate reputation, quality, and value influence online loyalty
Web aesthetics effects on perceived online service quality and satisfaction in an e-tail environment: The moderating role of purchase task
Buying while expecting to sell: The economic psychology of online resale
A novel DRM framework for peer-to-peer music content delivery
Quality of search engines: How good is Google pagerank?
Get the most out of green IT solutions
IT service value creation in a global environment
Survey of data management and analysis in disaster situations
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