Multilevel social dynamics considerations for project management decision makers: Antecedents and implications of group member tie development
Regulatory pressure and competitive dynamics: Carbon management strategies of UK energy-intensive companies
Exploring a theoretical framework to structure the public policy implications of open innovation
The last frontier: Market creation in conflict zones, deep rural areas, and urban slums
Triple helix and regional development: A perspective from Oxfordshire in the UK
Strategic product/service innovations of an online firm
Globalization, culture, and information: Towards global knowledge transparency
Do performance and environmental conditions act as barriers for cross-border banking in Europe?
Breaking the winner’s curse in outsourcing
The potential for cannibalization of new products sales by remanufactured products
Diversification decisions in family–controlled firms
Top management teams in family-controlled companies: ‘Familiness’, ‘faultliness’ and their impact on financial performance
Organizational justice and individuals’ withdrawal: Unlocking the influence of emotional exhaustion
Work ethic: Do new employees mean new work values?
Encouraging social innovation in global organizations: Integrating planned and emergent approaches
The quality and distribution of teachers under the No Child Left Behind Act
Analysis of an open access scheduling system in outpatient clinics: A simulation study
An improved ant colony optimization for the communication network routing problem
Robust network design in telecommunications under polytope demand uncertainty
Dynamic airline scheduling
Optimal baggage-limit policy: Airline passenger and cargo allocation
General Electric uses an integrated framework for product costing, demand forecasting, and capacity planning of new photovoltaic technology products
The analytics movement: Implications for operations research
Applied Materials uses operations research to design its service and parts network
Demand switching criteria for multiple products: An inventory cost analysis
Eliciting risk preferences: When is simple better?
Risk uncertainty and supply chain decisions: A real options perspective
Risk aversion and physical prowess: Prediction, choice and bias
Implementing a discrete-even simulation software selection methodology for supporting decision making at Accenture
Does IT outsourcing deliver economic value to firms?
Configuration of the interaction between information security technologies: The case of firewalls and intrusion detection systems
Willingness to pay in an open source software environment
Adaptive random testing based on distribution metrics
The role of contracts on quality and returns to quality in offshore software development outsourcing
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