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Is your project turning into a black hole?
The perception of difficulty in project-work planning and its impact on resource sharing
Managing disputes with nonmarket stakeholders: Wage a fight, withdraw, wait, or work it out?
Envisioning nanotechnology: New media and future-oriented stakeholder dialogue
The interaction effect of relational norms and agent cooperativeness on opportunism in buyer–supplier relationships
The effect of an ambidextrous supply chain strategy on combinative competitive capabilities and business performance
The role of institutional pressures and organizational culture in the firm’s intention to adopt internet-enabled supply chain management systems
A systematic procedure to evaluate an automobile manufacturer–distributor partnership
How many people do you know? Efficiently estimating personal network size
Empirical studies in consumer behavior analysis: The effects of a point-of-purchase display on relative sales: An in-store experimental evaluation
In-store experimental approach to pricing and consumer behavior
Decriminalization and marijuana smoking prevalence: Evidence From Australia
An integer programming approach to scheduling in a contaminated area
A survey of variants and extensions of the resource- constrained project scheduling problem
An ant colony optimization metaheuristic for single-path multicommodiy network flow problems
An ant colony system for enhanced loop-based aisle-network design
Due dates assignment and JIT scheduling with equal-size jobs
An analytic network process approach to the selection of logistics service providers for air cargo
Local search-based metaheuristics for the split delivery vehicle routing problem
Analysis and design of sequencing rules for car sequencing
Inventory systems with stochastic demand and supply: Properties and approximations
Deducing the implications of jump models for the structure of stock market crashes, rallies, jump arrival rates, and extremes
The evolution of cell formation problem methodologies based on recent studies (1997-2008): Review and directions for future research
Synthetic control methods for comparative case studies: Estimating the effect of California’s tobacco control program
Using decision rules to achieve mass customization of airline services
The distributional impacts of minimum wage increases when both labor supply and labor demand are endogenous
Determining optimal replacement time for metal cutting tools
Estimating income poverty in the presence of missing data and measurement error
Probabilistic weather forecasting for winter road maintenance
Progressing from uncertainty to risk for DEA-based decisions
The descriptive and predictive adequacy of theories of decision making under uncertainty/ambiguity
Bandit cellphones: A blue ocean strategy
The reliability of user authentication through keystroke dynamics
An overview of social engineering malware: Trends, tactics, and implications
String theory, French horns, and the infrastructure of cyberspace
Journal Contents