The diffusion of management innovations: The possibilities and limitations of memetics
From imitation to innovation: The evolution of R&D capabilities and learning processes in the Indian pharmaceutical industry
Japanese and US perspectives on the national innovation ecosystem
Performance contracting in after-sales service supply chains
Arab consumer’s behavior towards credit card usage: A comparative analysis of consumers across middle-eastern countries
An exploration of how the employee-organization relationship affects the linkage between perception of developmental human resource practices and employee outcomes
Telecommunication liberalization and economic development in European countries in transition, Darko Dvornik and Dubravko Sabolic
Quality of service measures of mobile ad-hoc wireless network using energy consumption mitigation with asynchronous inactivity periods
Scheduling aircraft landings using airlines’ preferences
Evaluating the effects of traffic on driver stopping and turn signal use at a stop sign: A systematic replication
Myopic marketing management: Evidence of the phenomenon and its long-term performance consequences in the SEO context
The effect of digital sharing technologies on music markets: A survival analysis of albums on ranking charts
Compensating for failures with flexible servers
Selecting a celection procedure
Retail-Price drivers and retailer profits
Bayesian forecasting of an inhomogeneous Poisson process with applications to call center data
MUT of a one out two system with preventive maintenance
RFID, privacy and the perception of risk: A strategic framework
Converging technologies at the nanoscale: The making of a new world?
Auctions within e-sourcing events
Yahoo! for Amazon: Sentiment extraction from small talk on the web
Perceptions of business students’ feature requirements in educational web sites
Common defects in information security management system of Korean companies
Experiences using systematic review guidelines
Ranking reusability of software components using coupling metrics
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