Do new major league ballparks pay for themselves?
Warner Robins Air Logistics Center streamlines aircraft repair and overhaul
Bundling, entry deterrence and specialist innovators
Alliance research: Less is more
Managing the global talent pool: Sovereignty, treaty and intergovernmental networks
Taming monsters: The cultural domestication of new technology
The influence of intellectual capital on new product development performance - The manufacturing companies of Taiwan as an example
Business activity patterns: A new model for collaborative business applications
Corporate leverage and product differentiation strategy
Compressed workweek scheduling with days-off consecutivity, weekend-off frequency and work stretch constraints
Behavior in operations management: Assessing recent findings and revisiting old assumptions
Ethnographic study of collaborative knowledge work
Beyond predictable workflows: Enhancing productivity in artful business processes
A genetic algorithm for two-stage transportation problem using priority-based encoding
Determining a common production cycle time for an economic lot scheduling problem with deteriorating items
Vehicle routing and staffing for sedan service
The pickup and delivery problem with time windows and transshipment
Optimal product design using a colony of virtual ants
Solving real car sequencing problems with ant colony optimization
Inspection and replenishment policies for systems with inventory record inaccuracy
Simulation optimization for revenue management of airlines with cancellations and overbooking
Building better theory by bridging the quantitative-qualitative divide
Encouraging best practice in quantitative management research: An incomplete list of opportunities
A survey of operations research models and applications in Homeland Security
Multifactor efficiency and Bayesian inference
Network capacity control using self-adjusting bid-prices
Uncovering the to-dos hidden in your in-box
Activity management as a web service
Revenue management through dynamic cross selling in e-commerce retailing
IT valuation in turbulent times
On the information uncertainty risk and the January effect
An empirical study into class testability
Two-sided competition of proprietary vs. open source technology platforms and the implications for the software industry
Planning for natural disasters in a stochastic world
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