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Dynamics of cooperation: At the brink of irrelevance
Organizational design and restructuring in response to crises: Lessons from computational modeling and real-world cases
Overpaid CEOs and underpaid managers: Fairness and executive compensation
Identity dynamics in occupational dirty work: Integrating social identity and system justification perspectives
Buyer vendor coordination models in supply chain management
An exploratory study of 'close' supplier-manufacturer relationships
Quantifying the bullwhip effect in a supply chain with stochastic lead time
The motion picture industry: Critical issues in practice, current research and new research directions
In-store music and consumer-brand relationships: Relational transformation following experiences of (mis)fit
Using the technology acceptance model to explain how attitudes determine the internet usage: The role of perceived access barriers and demographics
Primal method for determining the most likely route flows in large road networks
A branch-and-cut algorithm for the dial-a-ride problem
Optimal price and quantity of refurbished products
Application of two ant colony optimization algorithms to water distribution system optimization
A non-zero-sum inspection game
Performance measurement for inventory routing
Strategies for dispatching AGVs at automated seaport container terminals
Neuro-dynamic trading methods
Coordinated inventory planning for new and old products under warranty
Forecasting chlorine residuals in a water distribution system using a general regression neural network
Risk aversion, road choice and the one-armed bandit problem
Do artists benefit from online music sharing?
Logistics service providers in internet supply chains
Customer behavioral intentions for online purchases: An examination of fulfillment method and customer experience level
Competitive advantage with e-business: A survey of large American and Swedish firms
Diffusion of web-based product innovation
Post merger IT integration strategies: An IT alignment perspective
Exploring the structure of complex software designs: An empirical Study of open source and proprietary code
Acquiring and applying knowledge in transnational teams: The roles of cosmopolitans and locals
The catastrophic effects of natural disasters on insurance markets
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